18 fast food hacks to better satisfy hunger pangs

For some people, this trick may be too much. For others, on the other hand, it is extremely useful for successfully preventing small or large hunger pangs. Especially in times of extreme hunger, it makes sense to think about it. For example, some Carl’s Jr. branded restaurants can make what they like to call a “stuffed star.” You just have to ask for it precisely, nothing more.

If you want to try this, you have to order a superstar and a spicy chicken sandwich. Now the chicken pies are placed in the middle of the two meat pies. This may sound gross at first, but it tastes delicious!

1. Steamed Bun

A very old and proven trick from McDonalds: steaming the bun. Once you’ve eaten your sandwich this way, you’ll never want to go back to a traditional one! It is well known that every burger and every sandwich tastes much better if it has been steamed first. Unfortunately, this form of enjoyment cannot be taken for granted…

It is possible at the checkout asking for a steamed bun, which is standard with the Filet-O-Fish burger, for example. It can be assumed that customers will feel significantly more pleasure and satisfaction if they are allowed to eat a steamed bread roll. McDonalds can make it possible! Could this also have an impact on the feeling of satiety?

2. Peak times offer fresher meals

Another way to ensure that food is fairly fresh is to time it correctly. Lunchtime and evening are the peak times for various fast food restaurants. People eat their main meals during these times. Your own patience could be put to the test by longer queues. But in the end it pays off.

The calculation is very simple: the more food is served, the more has to be produced. That way, the meal won’t linger too long under a heating lamp and will definitely be fresher and more nutritious! Patience pays off after all! Even if this is often very difficult to cope with at peak times when there are large crowds.

3. Additional meat from Chipotle

Some people would like to have a larger portion of meat on their Chipotle burrito or in their bowl. But only without paying a lot more for it. So it should simply be asked for half of two different types of meat. Theoretically, it is known that a “half” portion of meat is much more like “three quarters”.

If this wish was fulfilled by the responsible restaurant, then the inside will be predator be quite content. Knowing that he had received more meat than originally specified,this takes it to a whole new level. Now it’s just a matter of which types of meat to choose. But there is something for every taste and every passionate meat eater!

4. Always fresh food

There is an easy way in some fast food restaurants to generally get the freshest food if specifically asked for. In this regard, you simply have to adjust the individual order. Unfortunately, this does not work everywhere. Despite everything, it’s important to know that it’s occasionally possible. Especially in places where the sandwiches are pre-packaged, you should be sure.

If necessary, simply asking the staff can help. It can also help to omit little things like ketchup or sauces, which contain a lot of flavor enhancers and unnecessary additives. Food treated under a heat lamp is not necessarily the yolk of the egg either. And in most cases not particularly fresh and nutritious.

5. More meat, less money

“We’ve got the meat!” That’s one of the most eye-catching slogans of the last decade. It was designed by Arby, a successful fast food chain. And this ad pretty much nails it. One of the main intentions for Arby visitors is to eat meat. In combination with a delicious sandwich. But that’s not all!

For people who seem to be completely crazy about meat, Arby has a worthwhile insider tip: If you want more meat but don’t want to spend significantly more money, simply order roast beef instead of it Sandwiches two junior sandwiches. Significantly more meat and also relatively cheaper! Let’s all hope that this chain only uses selected organic products…

6. Poutine – Delicacies from Canada

One of the greatest cuisines in the world, which bears the name Poutine, has its roots in Canada. Delicious cheese or special sauces, with which every meal can be culinarily enhanced, are offered by KFC in Germany in particular. A real feast for the palate is guaranteed here! The sauces are just a real treat.

At the checkout, for example, if French fries are on the menu, it should be said that they are covered with sauce. Many restaurants offer curds or cheddar cheese for a more “authentic” effect. This option saves many people time and money. Otherwise, they would have to travel all the way to Canada for that culinary delight. A bit far, isn’t it?

7. Big Mac for little money

Who doesn’t care too much about the middle bun in the beloved Big Mac legt, can save a whopping three dollars with this new shape! At first glance, that doesn’t seem like a lot of money. However, this saving adds up considerably for regular McDonalds visitors. After all, small livestock also make a lot of crap!

And this is how the frugal Big Mac works, which you can put together yourself: Order a double cheeseburger and replace mustard and ketchup with other delicacies – such as lettuce, pickles or special sauce. Seriously, is the middle bun really necessary? Already saved a lot of money and also pointless carbohydrates! Yeah!

8. Nutella Coffee Breakfast

Surely one or the other has already dreamed of something like this. A Starbuchs coffee with Nutella flavor. Who could resist in this regard? Certainly very few. Unfortunately, the company does not offer a direct Nutella version in this sense. Despite everything, an idea was developed that comes close to this dream.

And this is how it’s done: First, a Cafe Misto should be ordered. In those, a pinch of chocolate and hazelnut is added. Now add a dash of caramel and the chocolaty breakfast is ready, which can be enjoyed in the form of a dessert for breakfast. Nutella bread is a thing of the past. Today we slurp!

9. Endless options

Anyone who enters the fast food chain Jamba Juice can be overwhelmed by endless offers. The selection of dishes and menus that can be ordered on site is just too big. Every longing wants to be satisfied immediately. All that can be done here is to order the desired menu and drink and wait for it.

However, if you want to find out more about what you can actually expect in terms of ingredients in your meal, you should do so under all circumstances. Every customer has the right to know what they are actually consuming. Even if the operator doesn’t seem to be in the best picture: If necessary, ask the boss!

10. More content in one bowl

According to Business Insider, if you order a bowl instead of a burrito at Chipotle, you get significantly more groceries for the same price. So the site decided to investigate that claim made by a Reddit user. And found what that thesis clarified.

The information has been confirmed by the author. However, Business Insider did not provide any weight or measurement comparisons to support their claim. The writer added, however, that you get a free tortilla and can customize your own burrito on the spot. Possibly this was the acceptable explanation for the identischen prices in different variations! Well, it’s all about hunger here!

11. Round eggs are the freshest

What few people may know is that you can get your eggs cooked five different ways from McDonalds. Scrambled eggs, fried eggs, etc. However, there is only ONE way to be sure of getting a fresh egg. The next time you order breakfast, ask for a round egg!

Because a round egg is a freshly “cracked” egg that is boiled in a round tin. All other versions of eggs (in liquid form or even frozen) come by delivery and are no longer quite as fresh. For this reason, round eggs are clearly the best option at McDonalds. It is advisable to insist on this.

12. Grill again at Taco Bell

If you have your burrito or wrap properly grilled at Taco Bell, you are already making a very sensible decision beforehand! A much better decision, though, is to ask the staff to grill the treats a second time!

Because the second grilling process makes the meal even crunchier. Very, very crispy! It’s hard to believe that this option isn’t explicitly advertised in the menu! In any case, we firmly believe that not only the burrito will generally turn out much crispier than just grilled once. The inner workings like the delicious cheese and the crispy ham get even better! This topic makes you hungry…

13. Create your own pizza!

Basically, Domino’s doesn’t want that fact to be known. But there are a lot of specialty pizzas that can be made at a much lower price. A very good example of this is the Honolulu Hawaiian Pizza.

Here, a large pizza should be ordered, which is equipped with three toppings. Best ham, bacon and pineapple. Parmesan, Asiago and roasted red peppers should be avoided entirely. It will soon be determined that significantly more input will remain in the wallet. If you still need additional topping, you are more than welcome to add it. Nevertheless, the homemade pizza will end up being significantly cheaper than the classics from Domino’s. Hopefully the boss doesn’t get too mad…

14. Fresh pies from Burger King

If you enter a fast food restaurant, you automatically run the risk of getting a meal that has been “souring” under a heat lamp for several hours. Not everything is always healthy and, above all, fresh in this industry. However, if you are a fan of healthy and fresh food,should use a simple trick the next time you visit Burger King….

If you order your burger, you should insist that it is straight from the grill. This gives certainty about guaranteed freshness. When the tasty burger is prepared in this way, there is a good deal of certainty that it was fresh and made just a few seconds or minutes ago. It is also important to make sure that the burger is really served warm – because despite all the freshness, it should be well done!

15. French fries with ketchup to go

If you want to eat your French fries in a fast food stall, you expect your snack to be hot. However, eating on the go can cause real problems. Not only in terms of the heat of the fries, but also in terms of handling the ketchup, which of course cannot be missing from those!

But there is a very simple solution to this problem: the back of the packaging should be folded back to provide a practical surface for ketchup or other dips. So the beloved fries can also be easily eaten on the go – with delicious ketchup! But despite everything, you shouldn’t stroll around, otherwise the fries will soon be cold.

16. No Star Bucks mineral water!

It’s no secret that the prizes at Star Bucks aren’t exactly modest. But there is a trick that can save a lot of money. Water should only be ordered in vente sizes. These are free and not all dollars or euros are gone immediately.

With the money that was only saved on water, you can now buy an extra sandwich or muffins. Or you can still do something about the size of the coffee. Thanks to the savings, you can even order a high-quality Frappuccino! It’s just not worth spending so much money just for water!

17. Eight nuggets are cheaper than six

Save money at McDonalds and still get more food? No problem! This works very well with the Chicken McNuggets, for example. If you order two boxes of 4 instead of a box of 6, you are significantly cheaper – and have even more to eat. And cheaper!

Sometimes it’s worth doing some conscious calculations. Even if this trick is of course not advertised on the menu, of course. In 2012, a box of 6 nuggets was calculated to be $2.99. Whereas a box of 4 was $1.29. If you add this up, you pay just 2.48 US dollars for two boxes of 4. More than 50 cents cheaper. And two extra nuggets! What more do you want?

18. Transformation

TacoBell fundamentally changed the world of fast food from its origins. The restaurant introduced the Doritos Locos Taco, revolutionizing it in the sense that millions of customers showed culinary interest. However, most of the enthusiastic visitors don’t know that they can replace the Doritos Locos bowl with other classics like the Cheesy Gordita Crunch.

That upgrade costs just 30 cents and is totally worth the improved taste! Combined with a Baja Blast from the soda fountain, this results in the perfect Taco Bell experience, which will remain in culinary memories forever. The need for repetition is guaranteed here!

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