8 crazy and useful features of products that you have probably never noticed

Think you know everything about your everyday products? Things like backpacks, keyboards and spaghetti spoons accompany us day after day – but some of these things have much more to offer than you might initially think.

Even the everyday objects have some hidden properties that most people are unaware of. So stay tuned, because you’re about to learn which of these things have secret uses that you may not have known about before. Here are 8 crazy and useful product features that you’ve probably never noticed. Maybe one or the other trick will help you in everyday life.

1. The hole in the spaghetti spoon

Who has noticed that most spaghetti ladles have a hole in the middle? Take a look in your kitchen cupboard – maybe you have one of these examples too. The hole in the middle of the spaghetti spoon isn’t just the design of the spoon or to save material – it’s there for a very specific reason.

The hole in the pasta spoon fits exactly the amount of noodles for one serving. Now it can no longer happen that you cook too much or too little pasta!

2. The lines on the letters “F” and “J” on the computer keyboard

Probably very few people have noticed it so far – but this trick can make our office work a lot easier. Those who are not quite that advanced at typing should be particularly careful here. On pretty much every keyboard, you’ll be able to feel two small, highlighted dashes.

And, noticed? These are the letters “F” and “J”. The elevations are used for orientation when typing with 10 fingers. You should place your index fingers on these two letters when typing without looking at the keyboard. Give it a try, it can be a tremendous help in office work.

3. The folded sides of the drinking packet

Who remembers these little drinking packets with a straw on the side from which you can drink apple or orange juice? Most of us will have been served these convenient drinks as a child at some point. And surely one or the other has already played with the folded sides of the juice box.

But these are actually not for playing around with – but to help the child hold the drink in both hands. When the sides are folded over, they function like practical handles. This way the drink cannot slip out of your hand so quickly.

4. the deckel for soft drinks

This hidden function is perhaps obvious – and yet very few of us will have known about it. Anyone who buys soft drinks from time to time in fast food chains will be familiar with the oddly shaped plastic lids that are placed on the paper cups. But this lid does more than keep our drink from spilling and hold our straw.

The lid is also great as a coaster. If you prefer to enjoy your drink in the restaurant instead of drinking on the go, you can simply remove the lid, turn it around and put your drink on it. Brilliant!

5. The diamond on backpacks

Have you ever wondered what those diamonds with the slits on your backpack are for? You’d think they were put there for the cooler look, but they’re more helpful than that.

The diamonds used to only be on hiking packs as they were used to carry ropes. But nowadays there are more and more backpacks with the typical diamond. For example, you can use them to transport sneakers by threading the laces of the shoes there or attaching a tag there. It’s practical, isn’t it?

6. Bag of crisps as a bowl

There is also a trick for the universally popular chip bags that only a few people know. You can easily fold a bowl out of your chip bag, from which you can then enjoy your Chips without crumbs. All you have to do is fold the top and indent the bottom. This creates a bowl from which you can eat your chips.

With this trick you not only save dishes and paper towels – it is suitable also excellent for on the go, when you don’t have a bowl with you but still don’t want to do without your beloved chips.

7. The hole in the cooking pots

There are a few tricks in cooking that most people don’t know. Who has ever wondered what those holes in the handles of pots and pans are for? On the one hand you can hang the pots on hooks on the ceiling from the holes, as was done before. But the small holes are also helpful when cooking.

Depending on how big your cooking utensils are, you can put them in there while your food is cooking</ strong>. After all, when stirring a sauce, you often don’t know where to put the wooden spoon. This dilemma is now over!

8. The pin on the garlic press

Let’s move on to our next product. Who in cookinglikes to reach for fresh garlic, he will certainly use a garlic press from time to time. But what is that pen at the end of the handle? It actually has absolutely nothing to do with garlic!

The end of the garlic press can also be used to pit cherries! The pin pushes the pits out of the cherries safely and easily. And let’s be honest: what’s more annoying about eating cherries than spitting out the pits? That’s using this trick however poems!

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