Celebs who have struggled and won with being overweight

Who doesn’t know them, the Wollny family. Day-to-day family life at its finest. The Wollnys are a family that you wouldn’t want to miss. And right here begins our list of the most famous celebrities who have lost weight with different diets in such a way that one can only marvel.

First place is definitely Lavinia Wollny, who will show you how you can get the best out of yourself with just a little perseverance. Here are the top celebs who have lost more than enough. That really deserves credit.

1. Cindy from Marzahn

You just have to laugh when you see her. Cindy from Marzahn is the woman known as the Stand UP Comedy Queen. She herself joked about her weight. But like every other woman, at some point she wanted to look the way you wanted to.

Cindy from Marzahn, or rather, Ilka Bessin, has decided to make a very special and above all beautiful woman out of herself. Ilka managed to do just that. In the beginning she had to overcome the yo-yo effect, but she still managed to lose an impressive 25 kilos. How she looks afterwards is just amazing and beyond sexy. You might think that’s exactly what she wanted to achieve.

2. The King of DSDS – Dieter Bohlen

Either you love him or you hate him, Dieter Bohlen. Anyone who has seen DSDS also knows his comments, which are sarcastic and funny at the same time. But if you look at another side, you quickly realize that Dieter Bohlen is also a family man. He has been married several times, yet you can see that he always aspired to have a family.

But what particularly fits our topic today is the transformation of Dieter Bohlen from a middle-aged man to a young-looking, beautifully built man who is a total of 17 kilos lighter. And that is exactly what makes Dieter Bohlen so special. Beautiful, young, interesting and always funny.

3. Celine Dion – the queen of all romantics

Anyone who doesn’t know the song from the film Titanic has probably never watched TV. Celine Dion, if she wasn’t before, became a global icon with the song for the film. As far as her looks are concerned, very few have had anything to complain about. She looks like the woman of every man’s dreams. She is what most men desire. However, at one point in her career she was a little too fat. And that’s exactly what she noticed.

According to Celine Dion, she lost a total of 50 pounds with a very specific diet. The diet is based on the combination of foods, where, for example, you are not allowed to eat potatoes with meat, although we all do. One combines fish with such foods, while one prefers to eat meat with green vegetables. Celine Dion did it. tryIt’s definitely worth it.

4. As the daughter of Lionel Richie you simply have to look good

The gossip magazines are fed up with Nicole Richie. She had so many performances that were anything but pleasant. Nicole Richie is the adopted daughter of Lionel Richie. And that’s exactly what made her behave more than conspicuous. But at one moment in her life, she not only had drug problems, but also a little overweight.

But that was only a small problem for Nicole Richie. With the Atkins Diet, which is also available as a book, she has lost more than 40 pounds. And although many mouths gossip, we think that Nicole Richie looks more than good today. This beautiful young woman showed everyone how to do it. Despite being portrayed as bad on several occasions in the media, she has shown that you can do anything you want.

5. Mariah Carey – the world famous voice

She knows how to do it and she just can do it – Mariah Carey, the world famous voice you just have to know. Your songs have conquered us all, captivated us and made us feel that our feelings have to surface.

But Mariah Carey also went through a phase where she gained over 70 pounds during her pregnancy with her twins. That doesn’t seem to have been a problem for her, though, as she’s drained more than 35 toilets. The Atkins diet seems to have worked for her too.

6. Jonah Hill – the sex bomb ever

He just looks great! Jonah Hill is thinner than ever. And that’s exactly what suits him. By his own admission, he suffered from low self-esteem due to his weight, which kept skyrocketing. That’s not the only reason why Jonah Hill decided to completely change his diet and thus his life.

And once he lost the extra 30 pounds, Hill seemed to be on the mend. Jonah Hill is one of the best examples that you can create anything you want. Where he used to be a young, inconspicuous man who hardly anyone noticed, today he is an incredibly beautifully built, eye-catching and, above all, more than attractive man that every woman would wish for.

7. Nazan Eckes – you have to remember this woman

You could call Nazan Eckes more than beautiful. The TV presenter is not only known for her oriental beauty, but also for her charm, for her sweet nature and above all for her great looks and style. Nazan Eckes is someone who can and should be a role model for every woman. This look takes you to the end of the world! Nevertheless, Nazan Eckes also had problems with her figure.

She was overweight for a while and very unhappy. But Nazan hasanything but resigned to it. She easily took on the extra pounds and won that fight too. Now she is more beautiful than ever, she has faced her excess weight and won this fight too. As you can see. Nazan Eckes is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women in Germany.

8. Lavinia Wollny

Although she is considered to be one of the most active children of the Wollnys, Lavinia Wollny is still a very interesting person. With her opinions and her statements, Lavinia is at the top of the list of probably the most meaningful Wollnys ever. Lavinia doesn’t leave a single sentence. And so it is with her looks. She was the first Wollny to decide to reduce her weight.

Now she looks the way you can only imagine in a dream. Lavinia Wollny is now a woman who should definitely be featured in every magazine. She lost a total of 30 pounds, showing how any woman who wants to can show it to everyone. She looks stunning with a capital A!

  • 11 foods not to eat in the morning

    For many, breakfast is still the most important meal of the day. It gives you energy to start and also ensures that you don’t leave the door tired, but wake up leisurely . This is very important for the body. Whether muesli, fruit, rolls and bread with cold cuts or jam, the options here are very diverse.

    But especially in the morning you should think carefully about what you eat, because not all foods are suitable to be eaten first thing in the morning. The body has one here very own process in terms of the nutrients it needs. Which 11 foods you should not eat in the morning and why, that should be the topic here.

    1. Muffins, Cakes and Pastries

    Muffins, cakes and pastries are delicious, but let’s be honest, because only for a birthday would it be understandable to do so. Even a muffin that’s sold to us as “healthy, like a fruit-filled blueberry muffin, is still more or less a cake, with lots of sugar and butter.

    When it comes to a blueberry muffin, one can say that it is at least partly fruit. Unfortunately, the fruits are increasingly being replaced directly with jams. The same applies directly to cakes or pastries. As tempting as it may be, it’s not a good choice and should be avoided. I’d rather have some fruit with quark or yoghurt as an alternative.

    2. Lots of fruit juices

    Apart from coffee, orange juice is the most popular morning drink in Germany. As a small addition to an otherwise balanced breakfast, there is nothing wrong with a small glass of fresh juice. It only becomes a problem if significantly more juice is drunk regularly.

    Fruit that is pressed for juice can generally be considered healthy and there should be no doubt about that . In addition to vitamins and roughage, they unfortunately also contain a lot of fructose, which can hardly be assessed any differently than refined sugar from the pack. Mixed with sparkling water, juice is much more digestible and also refreshes. In any case, you should avoid juices with added sugar.

    3. Fast food breakfast

    Everyone knows the situation. You’re still tired and late for work and then you have to attend an important meeting without having the time to have a proper breakfast beforehand. Everyone has driven through the drive-thru and eaten a breakfast from the big chains quickly on the way.

    Fast-food breakfasts are usually fried, processed or both and are high in saturated fats and salts. None of this is a healthy start to the day and if man makes these decisions early, there’s a good chance you’ll make them more often throughout the day.

    4. Foods rich in sugar

    Many have probably already thought that the particularly delicious breakfast cereals and cereals are not the healthiest option. It can be difficult to distinguish between them, because muesli and cereal is a quick breakfast that doesn’t require much prep. It’s mostly about the high-sugar varieties.

    Aside from the long-term health consequences of consuming too much sugar, a sugary start to the day will only sustain energy levels for a very short time . If the sugar has been utilized by the body a short time later, you will feel hungry again and there is a high risk of reaching for unhealthy snacks in these moments.

    5. Toast Bread with Margarine

    Who doesn’t love crusty white toast with melted margarine? Unfortunately, there are two problems when this is regularly eaten as breakfast. White breadis made from white flour with the brown part of the whole grain removed. In addition to the husk of the grain, the valuable vitamins, especially B vitamins, are also removed.

    A better option here is whole grain, which is made from unprocessed or minimally processed whole grain wheat and retains all of its nutrients. All spreads contain some fat, even low-fat varieties. Margarine is no different, but it’s specially treated to be cold, spreadable, too. Trans fats, also known as partially hydrogenated oil, may be added.

    6. Sweet Coffee Varieties

    If you like needing a coffee or two in the morning before you go to work, then you’re not alone. Millions of us turn to the coffee pot every morning with weary and dazed eyes. Coffee is not unhealthy in general and with only two calories per cup, provided you drink it without milk and sugar, it is also not a fattening food.

    In fact, coffee is rich in antioxidants, which our body needs. But it depends a lot on how we drink our coffee. A large cup of coffee, with the addition of whole milk milk, high-calorie nut milk, sugar and fancy syrups, then contains a whole load of calories in the form of fats and sugars, which are too many.

    7. Bagels

    Bagels are heavier than many other bread products, and they’re a popular choice for breakfast on the go because they hold their contents better than regular bread without getting soggy. Unfortunately, this compact way is exactly the problem with the bagel, because you take in significantly more ingredients than with a normal roll.

    So if you like bagels, keep your consumption to a minimumand try topping them with low-fat cream cheese, smoked salmon, or chicken breast, all of which provide beneficial protein to fuel your morning to start with the right energy.

    8. Low-fat and fat-free yogurt

    Yogurt, either made from cow’s milk or a non-dairy alternative like soy, is a healthy choice because it’s high in protein and probiotics. These are good bacteria that support digestion and ensure a healthy intestinal flora. It’s easy to get the idea that low-fat or fat-free yogurt should be an even healthier choice.

    But be careful here, because fruity versions of these apparently healthy yoghurts often contain more added sugar than the full-fat versions. Apart from that, low-fat yoghurt with no added sugar is not very high in calories and won’t keep you full for long. So add some fruit, chopped nuts or oatmeal for a balanced breakfast.

    9. Bacon and Other Processed Meat Products

    Bacon, sausages, ham, and other processed meat products may taste good, but that’s generally due to the added salts and processing techniques used, which are designed to appeal to our taste buds. Processed meat is high in saturated fats, which are very caloric. Eating such foods can lead to health problems, including weight gain.

    It is not necessary to completely eliminate bacon and sausage from the diet. If you love to eat it, though, a good solution is to keep it as something special and only serve it up for the occasional weekend breakfast. One should only avoid consuming it as part of the daily breakfast.

    10. Pop Tarts

    Pop tarts first hit our breakfast tables in the UK in the 1990’s and they became extremely popular! They are also becoming increasingly popular in Germany. They’re convenient, tasty, and full of fun, but that’s where the good stuff ends. These exciting “breakfasts” in one are packed with white, processed flour, artificial colors and sugar.

    Sugar in particularly large quantities. Starting the day with so much sugar will inevitably give us that high energy sugar rush, followed by the even more inevitable crash of feeling lethargic, light-headed and craving the next sugar rush crave.

    11. Bananas

    Many of the products that were mentioned were certainly already known to many. However, not everyone is aware of the last item on our breakfast list, which should be treated with caution. Yes, it’s about bananas. As a food, bananas are actually pretty good.

    They’re packed with fiber, which helps keep your gut healthy, and rich in micronutrients like potassium, vitamin C and antioxidants, which help promote a healthy immune system. But they’re also quite high in sugar, which doesn’t mean they can’t be part of a balanced muesli.

  • The reason you should dump dish soap down your toilet from now on

    Granny’s household tips are the best, as we all know. Old knowledge about washing, doing the dishes and keeping your home tidy is worth its weight in gold and is hotly traded. We’re always amazed why we haven’t figured it out ourselves or why we haven’t used this or that product in one way or another.

    The next trick also belongs in the category: “I should have I knew that before!”. No more clogged toilets or the remedy is now located directly under the sink. Power from the small, transparent bottle is the order of the day: clear the stage for our new wonder weapon.

    1. The problem of clogged toilets

    Clogged toilets are something nobody really wants to think about. There is a problem, we know that. But we’re happiest when we don’t know it in our own house. Dealing with this problem is not only annoying but also pretty gross.

    When your toilet is clogged, the water that is normally used to flush it backs up and may even overflow! That Of course nobody wants that. Apart from the disgust factor, it involves long cleaning and tidying up work and should therefore be avoided. Luckily we have the perfect tip for you.

    2. A basic cleaning

    Anything but pleasant, but the regular cleaning of the toilet is so necessary and important for hygiene. Even if the task is unpleasant and annoying, we cannot avoid it. At least not if we care about the cleanliness of our home.

    As long as there are no problems other than cleaning, we’re mostly happy. Unfortunately, from time to time the pipes get clogged and that’s where we’re in trouble. Because instead of simply wiping through quickly, we have the salad and have to deal intensively with the problem. All the better if we know how to avoid the problem.

    3. Dishwashing liquid, the miracle weapon par excellence

    If you know how to avoid this annoying problem from the ground up, you can live more relaxed. Because preventing the pipes from becoming clogged means less effort and logically costs us less Annoy. We present a miracle cure par excellence, with which you will always succeed in avoiding it from now on.

    Because using washing-up liquid when cleaning the toilet has some surprising advantages up its sleeve. You can read about them on the following pages. Instead of waiting a long time, click further and read about the miracle remedy dishwashing liquid. Because this one is really absolutely stunning in dealing with clogged pipes.

    4. Avoid a clogged toilet

    Find out now how to solve the problemto be able to deal with. When a toilet is clogged, most people use a suction cup to remove what is blocking the flow of water. If this proven method doesn’t work, people often resort to stronger things like drain cleaners.

    This is a true chemical bomb and is supposed to blast the pipes free again. But the chemicals can be quite expensive, and not everyone stores them in case… at home. However, if you need quick help, you can use a household remedy that every household has in one way or another.

    5. It’s all in the right dosage

    We’re talking about washing-up liquid. The hand detergent we use to wash dishes. It sounds too good to be true. Still, it’s true and it really works! This method is as simple as it sounds: just pour a good amount of dish soap down the clogged toilet. Just put it on anything that’s clogging the toilet and don’t skimp on detergent.

    It only takes a few seconds for the soap to slide down the entire tube. Now hot water is poured in to activate the foaming effect of the washing-up liquid. But be careful: Do not use boiling water, as this could damage the toilet and its pipes in the worst case. Wait 20 to 30 minutes for the detergent to take effect.

    6. Next steps

    Once the blockage has been removed, the excess water runs off together with the foam. Now the toilet can be flushed again. It is now not only clean, but also exudes a pleasant smell of washing-up liquid. Two in one, how practical. Why does it all work? The soap unclogsthe clog and ensures that anything clogging the pipe is decomposed.

    This way the whole thing can be done more easily and we can flush the toilet again without fear. Absolutely practical if we always have some washing-up liquid at home. Who would have thought that it could be used so well as an all-purpose cleaner and that it would provide us with such reliable support when we were missing a plunger or pipe cleaner.

    7. Preventive use of washing-up liquid

    Dishwashing liquid can also be used as a preventive measure. Just pour a good amount of washing-up liquid into your toilet from time to time. This ensures that no residue builds up that could cause problems later. This is especially recommended if your toilet has been clogged before and you are concerned it might happen again.

    Prevention is better recommended than aftercare. Deshbut listen to our advice. It’s easy to unclog the toilet with dish soap as you’ve read. Feel free to try it next time or treat your toilet preventively so it doesn’t happen in the first place.

    8. Surprising tricks and tips

    And once again it has been proven how inventive people are. And above all, that expensive cleaning agents and chemicals are not always needed. The simple basics, products that have been around for ages, usually serve their purpose better than all the expensive extra stuff and cleaning supplies.

    Just try it out and see for yourself is the motto. We hope you enjoy keeping your home clean. It’s best to start today and test our tips so that you quickly feel good again.

  • More than an accessory – the carpet in front of the Aldi branches

    Well, a carpet at the entrance to a supermarket? Everyone has probably seen a carpet like this before. But maybe not, because he is rather inconspicuous.

    So if you are in a hurry or just want to do the shopping quickly, you could easily overlook it. It is not the intention to give the shop a living ambience. Instead, these rugs have a ingenious function without which it would be very difficult to make a purchase.

    2. Little colour, lots of function

    Aldi has a logo with strong colours. But the carpet in the entrance area of ​​the supermarket is an absolutely boring, dark gray carpet. Is it a mud flap, some kind of larger doormat? No he is not. Quite the opposite.

    Of course, it also serves to keep dirt away – especially in wet, dirty weather – but it’s not here for that. The carpet in front of the entrance to the Aldi branches is mostly monochromatic in grey and has a grooved structure. This also serves the function of the carpet.

    < strong>3. The thing with the shopping trolleys

    The part that looks like a carpet and is also located in the entrance area of ​​the shop has a very useful function. It is possible that some customers have often noticed that a shopping trolley is difficult to move and that it is difficult to navigate the “vehicle” into the store.

    Although this can also have something to do with wear and tear, Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd supermarket trolleys have equipped their trolleys with immobilizers. Especially if the car doesn’t move smoothly at first, but then apparently no longer has this problem in the shop, it was almost certainly this carpet that turned the shopping obstacle into a shopping aid.

    4 . Anti-theft system for shopping trolleys

    It’s an annoying problem that unfortunately keeps happening. The shopping trolleys, which are actually only provided for shopping in the branch, are not brought back to their stand by everyone after they have been used.

    Inserting a coin or a chip around the basket detaching it from the anchoring in which it stands with other baskets is apparently no incentive to bring it back after shopping and loading the purchased goods. As a result, retailers regularly experience losses, which range between 50 and 150 euros, depending on the type of shopping trolley. They are a nuisance for every supermarket.

    5. Shopping trolleys as stolen goods

    For most people who do their shopping in an orderly manner, it is a matter of course to put back the basket that they just used for shopping after the purchase. you shop,pay for their goods, pack them for the way home or put the purchased goods in the car or cargo bike. For this purpose, the shopping trolley can be driven over the entire area of ​​the parking lot. In addition, the shopping trolleys from Aldi are blocking and the trolleys “refuse” to continue driving smoothly, at least with 4 wheels.

    In this way, the possibility of simply stealing the shopping basket should be prevented.

    6. What does the anti-theft protection of the shopping baskets have to do with the carpet in front of the Aldi branch?

    Unfortunately, the baskets are still not filed away from misuse, destruction or soiling, but at least when If the basket is not to be destroyed willfully and under any circumstances, but was simply pushed beyond the boundaries of the business premises, moving the shopping aid is no longer so easy. In this way, it is usually not necessary to steal the baskets, because anyone who illegally takes such a basket home with them will not enjoy it and will not be able to use it for anything.

    A basket from Aldi that was pushed over the perimeter of the Aldi premises blocked its wheels. This blockage is only released when the basket is pushed across the carpet in the entrance area of ​​the store.

    7. An inconspicuous carpet deactivates the immobilizer of the shopping trolleys

    Despite the clever idea, customers keep driving the trolley further than they should, i.e. further than the parking lot in front of the shop or the underground car park belonging to the shop. Of course, not everyone who rolled the car beyond this invisible limit has bad intentions or does not want to bring the car back, but by then it is usually too late for the car to be drivable. Customers moving beyond this range, even a short distance, will find it very difficult to move the cart.

    This also applies if the customer naturally wants to bring the car back. Once pushed beyond this area, the immobilizer kicks in and can only be released when the car is rolled over this gray carpet. Since the carts are usually parked in front of the store and chained up there, it’s also annoying for subsequent customers when they want to drive the cart out of the pits to go shopping and the cart is very heavy or can’t drive at all. However, if they manage to push the stubborn car down to the carpet, from this point it can be easily driven and steered, as if by magic.

    8. The secret of the Aldi carpet

    The gray carpet has a grooved structure. This is not for visual purposes.The trick that lets the trolleys roll quite normally in the shop and on the designated areas outside of the shop is embedded in the grooves. This also applies to those trolleys where has just blocked the immobilizer because customers have pushed the car beyond this boundary line. In order to bring the car at least up to the holder, the car often has to be raised or z. T. to be worn.

    In any case, it is not possible with all 4 wheels. If the following customers catch such a car, they often react angrily because the car can hardly be moved even now. The problem is often solved after only 1 to 2 meters of difficult driving – when the car is rolled onto this carpet. In the grooves of the carpet there are sensors that remove the blockage caused by magnetic strips located in the floor of the perimeter of the Aldi premises.

    9. Summary

    With the help of difficult driving, the discounter Aldi is trying to protect its shopping carts from theft by not allowing them to be driven properly with 4 wheels off-site. The outer boundary is defined by the magnetic strips and the locking of the cars and the unlocking of the car with the help of this carpet are perfectly coordinated.

    As a rule, cars that are blocked due to unauthorized driving do not cause any more problems after contact with the carpet. In the In a few cases where even the carpet cannot help, an employee of the shop can probably do it.

  • Variety in the kitchen

    Are you a little bored with your daily meals and ingredients? If you are craving to try something different and also new with an exotic touch, then this list is for you. Contrary to popular belief, exotic dishes aren’t harder to make—they’re just different.

    Once you get the hang of mixing different spices, using more vegetables, and adding unique sauces to your meals, your kitchen will change for the better. Here are some easy, exotic recipes that anyone can make. We wish you a good appetite with the new dishes.

    1. Delicious spring rolls with a difference

    They are called spring rolls, but you can actually make them and enjoy them all year round. Spring rolls are very light because they are made with rice paper, rice noodles and fresh vegetables. There are many different variations.

    You can have different fillings inside, but the general idea is to keep spring rolls light by adding leafy greens, rice noodles and vegetables like carrots and cucumbers use. It is best to serve spring rolls with a spicy sauce. Here you can, for example, use a wok sauce, a sweet and sour sauce or maybe combine different hot sauces. Whatever you decide, spring rolls always work.

    2. Fancy some Indian?

    This chickpea recipe might seem intimidating at first, but the main ingredients are spices and veggies. Once you’ve prepared your spice mix right, cooking chana masala won’t be a problem. This dish originated in India, so prepare yourself for plenty of flavor.

    Ingredients include: onions, ginger, garlic, chilli, a bunch of spices such as black pepper, coriander and turmeric, and of course boiled or canned chickpeas. You can also add some tomatoes to the mix. It’s fiery and delicious and just the ticket if you like to eat spicy.

    3. Dahl with Lentils

    Another exotic favorite from India is dahl. It is prepared with lentils, spices and some fried vegetables. This might be the easiest exotic recipe ever and it’s incredibly healthy and delicious. You need to cook lentils in a pan while adding some salt, turmeric and other spices.

    Then prepare roasted vegetables – heat your pan, add cumin, oil and some chopped carrots and tomatoes. Let everything sear gently, add everything to your lentil mixture and cook until done. This soup dish is incredibly filling and goes well with roti, rice, or naan bread.

    4. Healthy Lychee Salad

    Sometimes when you want an exotic meal, all you need is some exotic fruit and you can whip up a wonderful salad with them. This fresh salad tastes absolutely delicious and is perfect for those hot summer days when you can’t even think about anything heavy to eat during the day.

    For this salad you will need cucumbers, lychees, limes, red chillies, some of your favorite vinegar and a bit of sugar. Add coriander or mint for extra flavor and you have a light and healthy summer salad that also brings variety to the plate. Enjoy it.


    5. Japanese Soup (Miso Soup)

    Japanese cuisine is light, flavorful and uses a lot of seafood. There are dishes that you can prepare in minutes. The main ingredient for miso soup is a special miso paste made from fermented soybeans. Basically all you have to do is mix these into hot water, then add more hot water and cook until the soup is ready.

    It shouldn’t take more than five minutes in total. You can add vegetables, tofu, and nori herbs to make your soup tastier. Do you like this soup? Then give the recipe a try, you’re sure to like it. Soup in a different way.98/100

  • 8 crazy and useful features of products that you have probably never noticed

    Think you know everything about your everyday products? Things like backpacks, keyboards and spaghetti spoons accompany us day after day – but some of these things have much more to offer than you might initially think.

    Even the everyday objects have some hidden properties that most people are unaware of. So stay tuned, because you’re about to learn which of these things have secret uses that you may not have known about before. Here are 8 crazy and useful product features that you’ve probably never noticed. Maybe one or the other trick will help you in everyday life.

    1. The hole in the spaghetti spoon

    Who has noticed that most spaghetti ladles have a hole in the middle? Take a look in your kitchen cupboard – maybe you have one of these examples too. The hole in the middle of the spaghetti spoon isn’t just the design of the spoon or to save material – it’s there for a very specific reason.

    The hole in the pasta spoon fits exactly the amount of noodles for one serving. Now it can no longer happen that you cook too much or too little pasta!

    2. The lines on the letters “F” and “J” on the computer keyboard

    Probably very few people have noticed it so far – but this trick can make our office work a lot easier. Those who are not quite that advanced at typing should be particularly careful here. On pretty much every keyboard, you’ll be able to feel two small, highlighted dashes.

    And, noticed? These are the letters “F” and “J”. The elevations are used for orientation when typing with 10 fingers. You should place your index fingers on these two letters when typing without looking at the keyboard. Give it a try, it can be a tremendous help in office work.

    3. The folded sides of the drinking packet

    Who remembers these little drinking packets with a straw on the side from which you can drink apple or orange juice? Most of us will have been served these convenient drinks as a child at some point. And surely one or the other has already played with the folded sides of the juice box.

    But these are actually not for playing around with – but to help the child hold the drink in both hands. When the sides are folded over, they function like practical handles. This way the drink cannot slip out of your hand so quickly.

    4. the deckel for soft drinks

    This hidden function is perhaps obvious – and yet very few of us will have known about it. Anyone who buys soft drinks from time to time in fast food chains will be familiar with the oddly shaped plastic lids that are placed on the paper cups. But this lid does more than keep our drink from spilling and hold our straw.

    The lid is also great as a coaster. If you prefer to enjoy your drink in the restaurant instead of drinking on the go, you can simply remove the lid, turn it around and put your drink on it. Brilliant!

    5. The diamond on backpacks

    Have you ever wondered what those diamonds with the slits on your backpack are for? You’d think they were put there for the cooler look, but they’re more helpful than that.

    The diamonds used to only be on hiking packs as they were used to carry ropes. But nowadays there are more and more backpacks with the typical diamond. For example, you can use them to transport sneakers by threading the laces of the shoes there or attaching a tag there. It’s practical, isn’t it?

    6. Bag of crisps as a bowl

    There is also a trick for the universally popular chip bags that only a few people know. You can easily fold a bowl out of your chip bag, from which you can then enjoy your Chips without crumbs. All you have to do is fold the top and indent the bottom. This creates a bowl from which you can eat your chips.

    With this trick you not only save dishes and paper towels – it is suitable also excellent for on the go, when you don’t have a bowl with you but still don’t want to do without your beloved chips.

    7. The hole in the cooking pots

    There are a few tricks in cooking that most people don’t know. Who has ever wondered what those holes in the handles of pots and pans are for? On the one hand you can hang the pots on hooks on the ceiling from the holes, as was done before. But the small holes are also helpful when cooking.

    Depending on how big your cooking utensils are, you can put them in there while your food is cooking</ strong>. After all, when stirring a sauce, you often don’t know where to put the wooden spoon. This dilemma is now over!

    8. The pin on the garlic press

    Let’s move on to our next product. Who in cookinglikes to reach for fresh garlic, he will certainly use a garlic press from time to time. But what is that pen at the end of the handle? It actually has absolutely nothing to do with garlic!

    The end of the garlic press can also be used to pit cherries! The pin pushes the pits out of the cherries safely and easily. And let’s be honest: what’s more annoying about eating cherries than spitting out the pits? That’s using this trick however poems!

  • What else you can use vinegar for

    Surely we all know vinegar. We use it for a salad dressing or other things in cooking. But surely some of you have seen or heard that vinegar can be used in other ways. For example, this can be quite a help around the house.

    With a few tricks and tips you will learn here where you can still use vinegar and you will save a lot of time and above all nerves with housework. You will see vinegar can be a real miracle cure. We hope you enjoy reading and trying it out, you will be amazed.

    1. The flycatcher

    Even if you’re an absolute animal lover, fruit flies are always considered uninvited house guests. Luckily, you don’t have to put up with these pesky critters flying through your kitchen. That is, not if you have a little vinegar.

    Take a small saucer or glass and pour some apple cider vinegar into it. Then add a few squirts of dish soap. Place the bowl where you have the most fruit fly problems. The flies will be attracted to the smell, but they will soon drown in the liquid, leaving your kitchen a fly-free zone. Isn’t that great?

    2. For soft towels

    After repeated use, towels become rough and go from fluffy looking to dingy. This isn’t exactly what you want to wrap yourself in after stepping out of a warm shower. Here’s how to get your towels fluffy again so you can snuggle up in them again.

    When your towels need a refresher, grab your bottle of vinegar. The next time you wash towels, simply add half a cup of vinegar. It will liven up your towels, making them fluffy and inviting again. And don’t worry, your towels won’t smell of vinegar. You absolutely have to try it.

    3. For a super clean

    While buying dishwasher tablets is certainly easy, vinegar can offer an even simpler solution. Instead of filling your dishwasher with detergent tabs, try using vinegar. This is powerful and removing dirt and grease from dishes is no problem.

    However, cleaning dirty dishes is not vinegar’s only strength. It also keeps your dishwasher clean. To do this, add a cup of vinegar every few months and run a program. Limescale, water that is too hard or soap residue that has accumulated is thus eliminated.

    4. For a clear view

    If you drive your car a lot, it gets dirty quickly, a normal glass cleaner will hardly help to remove all the dirt afterwards. Next time, when you clean your car, you should clean the windows with a little bit of vinegar.

    To do this, spray some vinegar on the surface of the windows, clean with a rag and then rinse with clean water, as usual, away. The acidity of the vinegar will remove all the accumulated dirt and leave the window panes clear and above all clean. Definitely try it, it’s worth it and saves a lot of nerves.

    5. No more garbage smell

    After using your garbage can a lot, after a while it will start to smell quite disgusting. No one wants to stick their hands down the garbage disposal drain and then scoop out the leftover food. It’s a disgusting idea, isn’t it?

    Next time it’s due for a cleaning, take it Get an ice cube tray and put a slice of lemon, some vinegar and some water in it. Then place everything in the freezer until ice cubes have formed. When you need to clean the trash grinder, just throw in one or two of the cubes and do the cleaning.

  • These 11 celebrities have lost a lot of weight – you will hardly recognize them again

    We just can’t help it, can we? For the most part, as a society – for better or worse – we are fascinated by celebrities and their looks. When a famous person loses a lot of weight, you can be sure that photos of them will appear in the tabloids and on the internet for the world to see and marvel at.

    Read Keep reading to see some of the most notable celebrity weight loss transformations and find out why and how they decided to make the change and lead a healthy lifestyle. Have we left anyone out? Stay tuned to see who else will be on this list.

    1. A Different Person

    In 2019, singer Carrie Underwood spoke about how her body had changed after giving birth to her second child. Underwood explained in an Instagram photo post, “I promise to stop analyzing every nook and curve, every pound and every meal.

    I will stay on the path because it is a journey and as long as I keep working towards my goals, one day I will reach them. For me, the training was kind of like stress relief. My husband said, ‘You’re a nicer person when you work out in the morning.’ And I thought, ‘I know. I feel better.” If that isn’t a positive side effect…

    2. Huge Difference

    In the 1980s and 1990s, Kirstie Alley was a leading lady on both the big and small screens. Once known for her beauty, her struggles with weight gain became tabloid fodder increasingly extreme and overshadowed her acting career.

    During her back and forth battle, she lost with the help of Jenny Craig 75 pounds and starred in a show, Kirstie Alley’s Big Life (2010), which documented her quest to lose weight. Once weighing nearly 230 pounds, today Alley looks as healthy and fit as ever. We kudos on that staying power. Very good.

    3. She works out too

    Khloe Kardashian hits the gym three or four times a week for strength training, boxing circuits and medicine ball workouts. She also eats healthy but admits, that she likes to eat: “If I was more careful about what I eat I would probably lose weight even faster, but I don’t want to. Great, very good attitude.

    I train really hard so I can enjoy my champagne and this part of life. I’d rather take longer to lose weight fast and I’m having fun doing it.” Also, we keep saying: Losing weight too quickly is also unhealthy for the body. Rather slow and effective.

    4. The Change

    The actress, best known for her roles on WB Popular and ABC Less Than Perfect, lost 50 pounds after having started running and committed to the Jenny Craig program. 50 pounds is quite a lot, isn’t it?

    Like Jennifer Hudson with Weight Watchers, Rue became a spokeswoman for Jenny Craig after finding success with the company. “I feel so confident and comfortable, Rue said in a press release from Jenny Craig ahead of their wedding and honeymoon in 2011. “What woman wouldn’t not want to be in one Bathing suit feel good? It’s incredibly empowering.”

    5. He’s Halved

    Perhaps best known for his role as the lovable father in Roseanne, the comedian actor, John Goodman, has been throughout his career — and so far we’ve been we can remember – extremely overweight. You may have seen him there before. If so, do you know him any other way?

    When he hit the scales at almost 370 pounds, he decided to make a change. Goodman quit smoking, started exercising relentlessly – he had a six-day-a-week routine – and reduced his sugar intake. The result? A dramatic 100 pound loss which has left him looking and feeling great.

    6. Rethinking

    Celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton decided to accommodate the people he treats, change his eating habits and hit the gym. (In the photo on the right, he’s taking a Zumba class.) He gradually increased his training load until he was there seven days a week.

    In 2010, the columnist even integrated his new healthy lifestyle into his professional life, launching the website FitPerez.com. The site is “focused on fitness, health and wellness”. We are excited to see what can be achieved with it. In any case, we would like to say that Perez really made something of himself and we are happy that he made it.

    7. Working on his own

    Randy Jackson made his name as a bassist, but he found real fame in 2002 when he was one of the original three judges on American Idol at Fox’s. Have you seen the show by any chance? If so, Jackson will be familiar to you.

    Jackson weighed over300 pounds when the show began, and he underwent one the following year Gastric Bypass Surgery. He lost 114 pounds after der surgery and made it through by watching his diet closely, staying active, playing the treadmill, and playing tennis. Good for him. We can clearly see the result of hard work here.

    8. For your health

    Do you know him? There’s the Superbad Jonah Hill and then there’s the 21 Jump Street Jonah Hill. Both are good in their roles. But you may have noticed that Hill’s rollers used to only move in one direction, and so did its weight. It hasn’t changed.

    The comedic actor, who wanted to move into more serious roles, reportedly got into shape with the help of a nutritionist who gave him provided the guidance and discipline he sorely needed. His diet revolved around sushi and he worked with a trainer to complement his new commitment to health.

    9. Feeling great

    In a interview with Howard Stern in 2017, the girl star attributed her weight loss to not eating after Donald Trump was elected It may or may not have had an impacts – we won’t comment – ​​but the main reason is undoubtedly their commitment to fitness.

    Dunham got in shape with fitness entrepreneur Tracy Anderson, who also helped Gwyneth Paltrow transform. Dunham claims that she wanted to get healthier and not lose weight. “She didn’t come to me to make her body look different,” Anderson told People magazine in 2017. “She came to me to feel better.

    10. Something had to happen

    In 2014, Pawn Stars star Austin “Chumlee” Russell weighed 320 pounds when he finally decided to continue his trip to the to start weight loss. He said, “It was time for me to get well.” After Chumlee dropped to 225 pounds, he took things a little less intense.

    “In moderation” is my motto,” said the reality star. Chumlee then decided to further his weight loss by undergoing gastric band surgery. He lost another 60 pounds after the non-invasive surgery. Great, keep up the good work. Somehow weight loss makes him look older, but he looks healthier, doesn’t it?

    11. Break the grind

    The Grey’s Anatomy creator of Shonda Rhimes lost over 150 pounds in 2017. She said of her drastic weight loss, “I didn’t do it because I thought I’d look as beautiful as the women in the movies. I did it because I finally want to walk up a small flight of stairs , without a break Having to take a break and wiping the sweat off my brow.

    “I did it because my body was physically rebelling against the brain that had been ignoring it for so long .” This insight is better late than never. And as you can see, this woman has made a real change in her body.

  • Customer raises allegations after finding an accidental remark on their bill

    One day in 2019, Daniel and his girlfriend were at Chick-fil-A, a famous American fast food chain. They had decided to move in together, so they spent the whole day looking at apartments.

    After a busy and long day, the two just wanted to enjoy their meal. They ordered a pack of 30 chicken nuggets. That was the only thing the two expected in their bag.

    But when you opened the bag, you found a bill with a very rude comment on it. They were unsure what to do and what that meant. No one would have expected what would come of it.

    1. Hungry after a long day

    After a long day of house hunting, Daniel and his girlfriend were hungry. It was a really long day and the two of them were hungry and exhausted. It really hadn’t been easy for the two of them.

    After looking at a few apartments and getting some great deals along the way, the two were completely exhausted. They decided to visit a famous fast food chain. But they didn’t know what to expect.

    When the two arrived they were famished and so they lined up and waited patiently for their turn to close order and there was a really long line in front of you waiting the same way.

    2. Waiting for an eternity

    They waited for what felt like an eternity before it was their turn. Finally it was the two of them’s turn. Daniel noticed that the cashier was grinning, but he was far too hungry to care why.

    After Daniel had paid for their meal, the cashier, who had just managed to grin, said that it would take about ten minutes for the two of them to finish their order.

    As he walked away to sit down and wait for his order with his girlfriend, he felt like every employee was watching him. Daniel blushed.

    3. Did he do something wrong?

    As he sat down, he felt like everyone was looking at him. Was 30 nuggets too much? Did he look like a gluttonous monster? He just wanted something to eat, was that too much to ask?

    But after the promised ten minutes, he finally heard the two’s order being called and he went to pick up the two’s order at the counter. He was relieved when the clerk handed him the bag.

    At the same time, the stillgrinning cashier handed him a piece of paper, which Daniel assumed was the bill. He just put them in the bag like many of us do.

    4. What was going on?

    The two went outside to eat in peace in the car. Then they both noticed the calculation again and this time Daniel took a closer look at it. But he couldn’t believe what he was seeing on the paper.

    It had actually been an invoice, but underneath everything that was printed on it, there was something else. One of the cashiers had scrawled the words “ugly sweater” underneath. Was that why everyone was staring at him?

    At least that’s what Daniel guessed first when he found the note on his bill. But what should be ugly about his sweater, it was a normal sweater. At least he thought so.

    5. Questions upon questions

    Daniel’s friend took a closer look at the bill. Just like Daniel, she had noticed the looks, but couldn’t make sense of them either. Or maybe the cashier even had a very personal problem with Daniel?

    And anyway, the sweater Daniel was wearing meant a lot to him, it had sentimental value to him. A close family member had given him this sweater just before he died. He was just attached to it.

    Most people wouldn’t say that this was a stylish sweater , but still that was no reason to be so rude. Most of the time Daniel didn’t care about such comments either.

    6. Daniel felt attacked

    Daniel knew he couldn’t just let it be and that he had to do something. He was angry at being treated like this as a customer. Annoyed at how he was treated, he took out his cell phone and put the bill down. But what would he do?

    Daniel didn’t want the employee to get away with what he had done. He knew he had to make his voice heard, and he wanted to use social media to do that.

    He snapped a photo of the receipt. Luckily he had a lot of Twitter followers so at least some people would share his post. But would he really get an answer to his question?

    7. Posting himself on the internet

    He knew that once the photo was published he would at least get some response, and maybe not just from his close friends. After a few minutes of debating whether he should really do it, Daniel sent off the tweet along with a photo of the receipt.

    He also took a selfie with his sweater to show people what all this was about. Then he sat in silence, waiting for his first reply. At first Daniel didn’t know if he would actually get the answers he expected. Then, around two o’clock, everything changed. He got more answers than he could have imagineden.

    8. His phone was flooded

    Nobody could have imagined how many people would react to his tweet. But suddenly there was a problem. Daniel’s phone just stopped and he couldn’t do anything.

    At first he thought it was just a software bug causing it, but soon he realized it was because he was so amazing got a lot of notifications.

    At first Daniel was really overwhelmed. He even yelled at his phone to stop it, but of course it didn’t help . Finally, he looked at his account from his girlfriend’s phone. So they were able to read the flood of responses that had reached him.

    9. They couldn’t believe their eyes

    As they went through the messages and replies on Twitter, they just couldn’t believe what was there. People were talking about what happened to Daniel. Daniel would have expected two or three people to even notice, but what happened was just amazing.

    There was an incredible variety in the responses. Some complimented Daniel on his sweater and damned the insensitive cashier. Still others said the sweater looked really bad. What shocked Daniel most, however, was that some people also commented on his order. That was something Daniel really couldn’t understand because it had nothing to do with the topic.

    10. Daniel wasn’t as angry as some of the others

    But even though there was such a variety of different opinions, the majority of those who answered agreed that such a comment just wasn’t possible. It was an insult, and you shouldn’t do that as a waitress in a fast food restaurant.

    Others reported having similar experiences, and it was amazing how similar these incidents were to what Daniel had experienced. A lot of people were really upset about what had happened, much more than Daniel was.

    Daniel then wrote “I wasn’t as mad as you guys make it out to be. It was obviously a joke and inappropriate, but nothing more.”

    11. This was just the beginning

    Even the DailyMail UK had reacted to his tweet. At this point, Daniel felt slightly overwhelmed and didn’t know what else to do. It was bad that his sweater was called ugly. Many said, the majority actually, that it wasn’t ugly, just vintage.

    But while Daniel wrote that he wasn’t as upset as some people made it out to be, he didn’t really agree with what was said either. The question why the cashier wrote, was he had written stayed. One of the Twitter users tried to explain that that’s what he meant, that the sweater was cool and that he was just being stupid.

    12. An Email from Chick-fil-A and an Enlightenment

    Daniel received an email from management asking that he call them. Of course the management apologized profusely. It had been a mistake by the cashier and of course totally inappropriate, but that still didn’t explain why the cashier had written it.

    The manager explained to Daniel that the comment was a note to help the cashiers remember who would get which order. Actually, this note should never be published. To remember Daniel, the cashier simply wrote down the most striking thing about Daniel and that was his sweater. But of course the cashier didn’t have to write that he was ugly.

  • Family Adopts 20-Year-Old Cat – An Incredible Love Story

    Once an animal arrives at the shelter, there is often no way out. Even if the employees take loving care of the four-legged friends, it is never the same as having your own family who loves their pet more than anything. More than a million dogs and cats do not fail to find families to adopt each year.

    Most people who have made the decision to add an animal to their family want a baby or kitten, which is very rare found at the animal shelter. Most of the animals that are placed are middle-aged or already senior people with gray furry noses.

    1. Looking

    Adriene and her partner were looking for a second cat. They already had a 6 year old kitten strong> and wished for them to have some hairy entertainment to play with and cuddle when they weren’t home during the day. Now that Tabby was getting on in years, it was easy with her, she used the litter box reliably, didn’t raise the curtains or the wallpaper, was just cuddled up and relaxed .

    Another reason why they would want to look for an older animal was that often the older animals were stuck in the shelter forever. One day Adriene read a post on Facebook that brought tears to her eyes.

    2. They had to do it

    Adrienne read the story of Tigger, a cat who had simply been dropped at the local veterinary clinic and abandoned by his owner. It almost broke her heart when she read that the already rough-looking tomcat had reached an incredible, proud age of 20 years. His life couldn’t end like that, nobody’s story should end like that… He lived twenty long years and then died lonely and abandoned in a veterinary clinic?

    She looked deep into her boyfriend’s eyes and they both knew immediately what to do. We’re adopting the old guy! That same night, the two made their way to the said veterinary clinic.

    3. Love at first sight

    For Adriene and the cat named Tigger it was love at first sight. When they drove home together with the exhausted cat early in the morning, they noticed how matted his fur was and what an unkempt appearance he made. The state that her new darling was in did Adriene and her boyfriend hurt in the heart. How could you let a living being so neglect and degenerate?

    Once they got home, Trigger went exploring. The cat felt at home immediately and snuggled up in every pillow and blanket he could think of. However, he had a habit that worried his new masters.

    4. Is Tigger ill?

    The cat worried them because he was drinking non-stop. The amount of water he consumed dailywas not usual for a cat. Adriene and her partner are certain that this indicates an illness. They didn’t want to waste any time and quickly made an appointment with the vet. He should examine Tigger’s blood to rule out an illness.

    The vet identified the problem right away, Tigger’s kidneys were failing due to age, hence the strong urge to drink. Unfortunately, this examination also discovered a tumor the size of a golf ball in the poor animal.

    5. Big plans

    Tigger’s new parents knew that he would only be alive for a limited amount of time and so they hatched a plan. They wanted to help the cat check off missing items on his personal bucket list.

    Of course there were a few last wishes of the cat that were very easy to put into practice, for example a cuddle. What cat doesn’t want that. In addition, the tomcat was literally starved when it came to snuggling and they were only too happy to do him this favor. They wanted to show their Tigger life from the very best side again, so that he could enjoy the last few days to the fullest.

    6. The Special Trip

    The next trip with Tigger was to the beach, something he had never seen in his life. You could see that Tigger had a lot of fun that day. After the cat had enjoyed the time purring in the warm sand, the next big day was just around the corner, his birthday. They were sure that it would be his last, so Tigger had a delicious chicken pie. The cat was definitely excited!

    As wonderful and entertaining as the excursions were, Tigger’s favorite spot was in Adriene’s arms. To visit her familyin Florida, she even took the clingy cat with her.

    7. Lifetime

    It had been clear to Adriene when Tigger was adopted that it would be a temporary love affair. But in such a short time the cat had seized an indispensable place in her heart that she was very afraid of the day when he unfortunately had to go .

    When Tigger suddenly started to walk sluggishly less than a year after they took him in, Adriene knew it was time to walk. She hugged him tightly, listened to his brittle purr again and a few seconds later had to let him go forever.

    8. Still happy

    Tigger, the orange-red tabby cat, will leave a gap in the little family. Adriene says, the time with him was way too short, but maybe that’s why so valuable. Even if Tigger had now breathed his last breath</strong >, Adriene and her boyfriend were happy. It filled her with pride that the cat was able to enjoy his final months and fell asleep in her warm, loving arms instead of in the draughty shelter.

    Adriene posted a post telling Tigger’s story, calling for people to make a conscious choice for elderly shelter residents and explaining that it in this way much deeper friendships with the animal could come.

    9. Tips and tricks

    Adriene had another important tip for dealing with animals that have already had some traumatic events behind them or were in a phase of mourning to their followers. Always have enough tasty food in the house. By “delicious food”, Adriene understood homemade delicacies, especially for her darlings. Tigger always enjoyed everything down to the last bite.

    Adriene had given Tigger all the love she could. Starting with a cozy place to sleep,about food prepared with love,through to cuddles as much as he wanted. She made his life worth living again in the last few days.

    10. Homemade pet food

    In recent years, cooking for pets has gained a reexperienced real boom. There are numerous reasons for this, for example that the food is simply healthier because it contains no preservatives. You know it from yourself, a meal cooked with love warms the heart and is simply a very special gift. So why not give the pet just as much love and appreciation?

    There are already a large number of specialty pet food cookbookson the market, critics say some pets feed better than themselves. is the fat content of the ingredients used, otherwise the kitty will soon have to go on a diet.

    11. B-A-R-F: A new trend

    BARF, sounds strange, but it is a diet developed for carnivorous pets, primarily dogs. There are several English translations for the abbreviation, in German it means: “Organic, species-appropriate, raw feed”. In Berlin, for example, shops for BARF are sprout like mushrooms from the autumn soil. When preparing the meals, BARF supporters say they follow the eating habits of wild dogs and wolves.

    Many cat owners choose food for their darlings in a similar way as they do for themselves. However, there are certain things, such as vegetarian or even vegan lifestyles, which are not at all suitable for cats and should be avoided.

    12. Keep your hands off the spice rack

    Maybe the cat likes to taste the salted ground beef that she sometimes dusts off when cooking a human meal. But for the animal’s health, spices are pure poison. Cats are natural hunters, which provides guidance on what needs to be present in a cat’s meal. The composition of the nutrients is important, most of which can only be found in fresh meat.

    The home-made cat food is based on potatoes, rice and noodles, which should not be overcooked. You are welcome to add carrots, broccoli or asparagus as a vegetable side dish, anything your four-legged friend likes. It is best to cook the meat or the boneless fish separately. strong>with a spoonful of butter, mix and you’re done. Bon appetit!