BBQ – More than just grilling

For many, it is the epitome of enjoyment: the barbecue (BBQ for short). The cult from America is a welcome alternative to cooking according to a weekly schedule, especially in summer. What a lot of people don’t know: the barbecue is not a classic grill recipe, but a special cooking method that gives the food to be grilled a very special touch. We took a closer look at the culinary specialty.

Whether you call it barbecue or grilling, both can be done with Kikkoman Refine teriyaki sauces. Teriyaki is a special way of preparation, in which the ingredients are marinated before grilling or briefly glazed before serving. The Kikkoman teriyaki sauces provide the typical sweet and savory aroma. Why not try our different variants – for example the with roasted garlic!

The origin of the term “barbecue” cannot be clearly determined. It probably comes from the derivation of the Spanish word “barbacoa”, which arose from the South American Indian language of the Taino. Because the preparation method of slowly heating meat in the smoke was already widespread throughout the Caribbean and along the mainland coast to Brazil at the time of the Spanish conquest of America. together of the past. Since these took place in the open air and, above all, with a lot of people, they were not only the focus of family celebrations, but also of neighborhood meetings and church festivals.

Even before the hamburger established itself on the fast food market could, travelers visited so-called barbecue restaurants. In addition to the hot dog, the barbecue made it the first successful take-away meal, especially for drivers. And while the United States prides itself on being the “mother of barbecue,” it didn’t invent it.

Meanwhile, “BBQ” is often used as a synonym for “grilling”. The two types of meat preparation are different. While the meat roasts directly over the embers when grilling, it is cooked in the aromatic smoke according to the BBQ recipe. But barbecue is not for the impatient. Unlike conventional grilling, it takes longer to brown a sausage. You will be rewarded for the somewhat longer preparation: you can taste the difference.

And for those who like to experiment, there is also the smoker. Wood is ignited in a separate chamber. The hot smoke moves from this chamber into the so-called cooking chamber. The meat lies here and slowly cooks. Finally, the smoke is routed outside via a chimney. Large smokers not only have a small flue, but a large vertical tower. The grilled meat can be kept warm in it or fish can be smoked in it.

Which grill master doesn’t make his heart beat faster at this performance?

And if you want to learn everything about marinades, then then we have a how-to video on BBQ marinades for you here:

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