Celebs who have struggled and won with being overweight

Who doesn’t know them, the Wollny family. Day-to-day family life at its finest. The Wollnys are a family that you wouldn’t want to miss. And right here begins our list of the most famous celebrities who have lost weight with different diets in such a way that one can only marvel.

First place is definitely Lavinia Wollny, who will show you how you can get the best out of yourself with just a little perseverance. Here are the top celebs who have lost more than enough. That really deserves credit.

1. Cindy from Marzahn

You just have to laugh when you see her. Cindy from Marzahn is the woman known as the Stand UP Comedy Queen. She herself joked about her weight. But like every other woman, at some point she wanted to look the way you wanted to.

Cindy from Marzahn, or rather, Ilka Bessin, has decided to make a very special and above all beautiful woman out of herself. Ilka managed to do just that. In the beginning she had to overcome the yo-yo effect, but she still managed to lose an impressive 25 kilos. How she looks afterwards is just amazing and beyond sexy. You might think that’s exactly what she wanted to achieve.

2. The King of DSDS – Dieter Bohlen

Either you love him or you hate him, Dieter Bohlen. Anyone who has seen DSDS also knows his comments, which are sarcastic and funny at the same time. But if you look at another side, you quickly realize that Dieter Bohlen is also a family man. He has been married several times, yet you can see that he always aspired to have a family.

But what particularly fits our topic today is the transformation of Dieter Bohlen from a middle-aged man to a young-looking, beautifully built man who is a total of 17 kilos lighter. And that is exactly what makes Dieter Bohlen so special. Beautiful, young, interesting and always funny.

3. Celine Dion – the queen of all romantics

Anyone who doesn’t know the song from the film Titanic has probably never watched TV. Celine Dion, if she wasn’t before, became a global icon with the song for the film. As far as her looks are concerned, very few have had anything to complain about. She looks like the woman of every man’s dreams. She is what most men desire. However, at one point in her career she was a little too fat. And that’s exactly what she noticed.

According to Celine Dion, she lost a total of 50 pounds with a very specific diet. The diet is based on the combination of foods, where, for example, you are not allowed to eat potatoes with meat, although we all do. One combines fish with such foods, while one prefers to eat meat with green vegetables. Celine Dion did it. tryIt’s definitely worth it.

4. As the daughter of Lionel Richie you simply have to look good

The gossip magazines are fed up with Nicole Richie. She had so many performances that were anything but pleasant. Nicole Richie is the adopted daughter of Lionel Richie. And that’s exactly what made her behave more than conspicuous. But at one moment in her life, she not only had drug problems, but also a little overweight.

But that was only a small problem for Nicole Richie. With the Atkins Diet, which is also available as a book, she has lost more than 40 pounds. And although many mouths gossip, we think that Nicole Richie looks more than good today. This beautiful young woman showed everyone how to do it. Despite being portrayed as bad on several occasions in the media, she has shown that you can do anything you want.

5. Mariah Carey – the world famous voice

She knows how to do it and she just can do it – Mariah Carey, the world famous voice you just have to know. Your songs have conquered us all, captivated us and made us feel that our feelings have to surface.

But Mariah Carey also went through a phase where she gained over 70 pounds during her pregnancy with her twins. That doesn’t seem to have been a problem for her, though, as she’s drained more than 35 toilets. The Atkins diet seems to have worked for her too.

6. Jonah Hill – the sex bomb ever

He just looks great! Jonah Hill is thinner than ever. And that’s exactly what suits him. By his own admission, he suffered from low self-esteem due to his weight, which kept skyrocketing. That’s not the only reason why Jonah Hill decided to completely change his diet and thus his life.

And once he lost the extra 30 pounds, Hill seemed to be on the mend. Jonah Hill is one of the best examples that you can create anything you want. Where he used to be a young, inconspicuous man who hardly anyone noticed, today he is an incredibly beautifully built, eye-catching and, above all, more than attractive man that every woman would wish for.

7. Nazan Eckes – you have to remember this woman

You could call Nazan Eckes more than beautiful. The TV presenter is not only known for her oriental beauty, but also for her charm, for her sweet nature and above all for her great looks and style. Nazan Eckes is someone who can and should be a role model for every woman. This look takes you to the end of the world! Nevertheless, Nazan Eckes also had problems with her figure.

She was overweight for a while and very unhappy. But Nazan hasanything but resigned to it. She easily took on the extra pounds and won that fight too. Now she is more beautiful than ever, she has faced her excess weight and won this fight too. As you can see. Nazan Eckes is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women in Germany.

8. Lavinia Wollny

Although she is considered to be one of the most active children of the Wollnys, Lavinia Wollny is still a very interesting person. With her opinions and her statements, Lavinia is at the top of the list of probably the most meaningful Wollnys ever. Lavinia doesn’t leave a single sentence. And so it is with her looks. She was the first Wollny to decide to reduce her weight.

Now she looks the way you can only imagine in a dream. Lavinia Wollny is now a woman who should definitely be featured in every magazine. She lost a total of 30 pounds, showing how any woman who wants to can show it to everyone. She looks stunning with a capital A!

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