Christmas dishes with Kikk

Sweet, sour, salty and bitter – these are the four taste experiences that we know. However, there is a fifth dimension of taste: Umami – the full-bodiedness. It was discovered in 1908 and has been inspiring chefs around the world ever since. Because umami is a great culinary gift: It elegantly rounds off the aroma of ingredients and dishes – whether soups, salads, meat, fish or vegetable dishes. Kikkoman tells you how to give any Christmas menu an umami kick.

Whether it’s a clear soup with a garnish or a vegetable soup, the finishing touch should always be a dash of Kikkoman Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce. This saves salt and ensures that the Christmas soup tastes even better. And of course you’ll also find lots of delicious soups for your Christmas menu at Kikkoman.

Instead of a classic dressing, try a soy sauce-based salad dressing! Give your salad creation a special kick of freshness with Kikkoman Ponzu Zirone, Kikkoman Ponzu Orange or Kikkoman Ponzu Chili. Its aromas with an umami effect ensure a dose of liveliness. We have put together a few recipes for different festive salads and dressings for you this Christmas.

Soy sauce is only for Asian specialties? Not at all, because with Kikkoman’s soy sauces you can add that certain extra to all dishes: umami, a nice full-bodied taste. Simply spread your Christmas roast with Kikkoman Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce and some honey or Kikkoman Naturally Brewed Sweet Soy Sauce. It conjures up an appetizing shine on the meat and makes the roast taste even better. But sauces also win with a dash of Kikkoman Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce! It doesn’t matter whether it’s meat, fish or vegetables on the Christmas table: with Kikkoman’s soy sauces, every dish becomes a feast!

It is usually the crowning glory of a delicious menu: the dessert. How soy sauce goes with dessert? Quite outstanding! Because soy sauce also stimulates the fifth sense of taste, umami, in desserts. Soy sauce and chocolate, for example, harmonize perfectly. Other dessert creations can also be prepared with Kikkoman Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce or the slightly sweeter Kikkoman Naturally Brewed Sweet Soy Sauce.

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