Cook in the wok

There are no limits to creativity when cooking with a wok: whether roasting, steaming, deep-frying or blanching – everything is possible with the all-rounder. Anyone who thinks that only Asian dishes can be conjured up with the wok is wrong. With the curved pan you can prepare practically all dishes.

Kikkoman Wok Sauce is the ideal seasoning for full-bodied dishes from the wok. It underlines the flavor of the ingredients by giving them the unique aroma of caramelized soy sauce.

A cast-iron wok should be “preserved” after every third cleaning. otherwise it will quickly begin to rust. First remove the leftover food, rinse with hot water (without soap) and then heat it up a little again and rub with oil and salt. A stainless steel wok is a bit easier to care for and can be treated with stainless steel cleaners or even in the dishwasher. Coated woks should only be cleaned with very soft sponges. If you can’t remove everything, boil it with water over a low heat.

Before you swing the cooking spoon, you should cut all the ingredients into small pieces and prepare the spices and sauces. Because once the wok is hot, everything goes very quickly, as the cooking time is shorter. Put all the ingredients one after the other in the curved pan and you’ll have a delicious dish on the table in no time at all. You only need a little fat (natural oils such as coconut oil, sesame oil or clarified butter are best) and everything stays crisp, colorful and rich in vitamins.

Our tip: Never put too many ingredients in the wok, otherwise the crunchiness and full aroma will be lost. The rule of thumb here is: fill up to a maximum of two-thirds. Usually add soy sauce at the end.

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