Customer raises allegations after finding an accidental remark on their bill

One day in 2019, Daniel and his girlfriend were at Chick-fil-A, a famous American fast food chain. They had decided to move in together, so they spent the whole day looking at apartments.

After a busy and long day, the two just wanted to enjoy their meal. They ordered a pack of 30 chicken nuggets. That was the only thing the two expected in their bag.

But when you opened the bag, you found a bill with a very rude comment on it. They were unsure what to do and what that meant. No one would have expected what would come of it.

1. Hungry after a long day

After a long day of house hunting, Daniel and his girlfriend were hungry. It was a really long day and the two of them were hungry and exhausted. It really hadn’t been easy for the two of them.

After looking at a few apartments and getting some great deals along the way, the two were completely exhausted. They decided to visit a famous fast food chain. But they didn’t know what to expect.

When the two arrived they were famished and so they lined up and waited patiently for their turn to close order and there was a really long line in front of you waiting the same way.

2. Waiting for an eternity

They waited for what felt like an eternity before it was their turn. Finally it was the two of them’s turn. Daniel noticed that the cashier was grinning, but he was far too hungry to care why.

After Daniel had paid for their meal, the cashier, who had just managed to grin, said that it would take about ten minutes for the two of them to finish their order.

As he walked away to sit down and wait for his order with his girlfriend, he felt like every employee was watching him. Daniel blushed.

3. Did he do something wrong?

As he sat down, he felt like everyone was looking at him. Was 30 nuggets too much? Did he look like a gluttonous monster? He just wanted something to eat, was that too much to ask?

But after the promised ten minutes, he finally heard the two’s order being called and he went to pick up the two’s order at the counter. He was relieved when the clerk handed him the bag.

At the same time, the stillgrinning cashier handed him a piece of paper, which Daniel assumed was the bill. He just put them in the bag like many of us do.

4. What was going on?

The two went outside to eat in peace in the car. Then they both noticed the calculation again and this time Daniel took a closer look at it. But he couldn’t believe what he was seeing on the paper.

It had actually been an invoice, but underneath everything that was printed on it, there was something else. One of the cashiers had scrawled the words “ugly sweater” underneath. Was that why everyone was staring at him?

At least that’s what Daniel guessed first when he found the note on his bill. But what should be ugly about his sweater, it was a normal sweater. At least he thought so.

5. Questions upon questions

Daniel’s friend took a closer look at the bill. Just like Daniel, she had noticed the looks, but couldn’t make sense of them either. Or maybe the cashier even had a very personal problem with Daniel?

And anyway, the sweater Daniel was wearing meant a lot to him, it had sentimental value to him. A close family member had given him this sweater just before he died. He was just attached to it.

Most people wouldn’t say that this was a stylish sweater , but still that was no reason to be so rude. Most of the time Daniel didn’t care about such comments either.

6. Daniel felt attacked

Daniel knew he couldn’t just let it be and that he had to do something. He was angry at being treated like this as a customer. Annoyed at how he was treated, he took out his cell phone and put the bill down. But what would he do?

Daniel didn’t want the employee to get away with what he had done. He knew he had to make his voice heard, and he wanted to use social media to do that.

He snapped a photo of the receipt. Luckily he had a lot of Twitter followers so at least some people would share his post. But would he really get an answer to his question?

7. Posting himself on the internet

He knew that once the photo was published he would at least get some response, and maybe not just from his close friends. After a few minutes of debating whether he should really do it, Daniel sent off the tweet along with a photo of the receipt.

He also took a selfie with his sweater to show people what all this was about. Then he sat in silence, waiting for his first reply. At first Daniel didn’t know if he would actually get the answers he expected. Then, around two o’clock, everything changed. He got more answers than he could have imagineden.

8. His phone was flooded

Nobody could have imagined how many people would react to his tweet. But suddenly there was a problem. Daniel’s phone just stopped and he couldn’t do anything.

At first he thought it was just a software bug causing it, but soon he realized it was because he was so amazing got a lot of notifications.

At first Daniel was really overwhelmed. He even yelled at his phone to stop it, but of course it didn’t help . Finally, he looked at his account from his girlfriend’s phone. So they were able to read the flood of responses that had reached him.

9. They couldn’t believe their eyes

As they went through the messages and replies on Twitter, they just couldn’t believe what was there. People were talking about what happened to Daniel. Daniel would have expected two or three people to even notice, but what happened was just amazing.

There was an incredible variety in the responses. Some complimented Daniel on his sweater and damned the insensitive cashier. Still others said the sweater looked really bad. What shocked Daniel most, however, was that some people also commented on his order. That was something Daniel really couldn’t understand because it had nothing to do with the topic.

10. Daniel wasn’t as angry as some of the others

But even though there was such a variety of different opinions, the majority of those who answered agreed that such a comment just wasn’t possible. It was an insult, and you shouldn’t do that as a waitress in a fast food restaurant.

Others reported having similar experiences, and it was amazing how similar these incidents were to what Daniel had experienced. A lot of people were really upset about what had happened, much more than Daniel was.

Daniel then wrote “I wasn’t as mad as you guys make it out to be. It was obviously a joke and inappropriate, but nothing more.”

11. This was just the beginning

Even the DailyMail UK had reacted to his tweet. At this point, Daniel felt slightly overwhelmed and didn’t know what else to do. It was bad that his sweater was called ugly. Many said, the majority actually, that it wasn’t ugly, just vintage.

But while Daniel wrote that he wasn’t as upset as some people made it out to be, he didn’t really agree with what was said either. The question why the cashier wrote, was he had written stayed. One of the Twitter users tried to explain that that’s what he meant, that the sweater was cool and that he was just being stupid.

12. An Email from Chick-fil-A and an Enlightenment

Daniel received an email from management asking that he call them. Of course the management apologized profusely. It had been a mistake by the cashier and of course totally inappropriate, but that still didn’t explain why the cashier had written it.

The manager explained to Daniel that the comment was a note to help the cashiers remember who would get which order. Actually, this note should never be published. To remember Daniel, the cashier simply wrote down the most striking thing about Daniel and that was his sweater. But of course the cashier didn’t have to write that he was ugly.

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