Family Adopts 20-Year-Old Cat – An Incredible Love Story

Once an animal arrives at the shelter, there is often no way out. Even if the employees take loving care of the four-legged friends, it is never the same as having your own family who loves their pet more than anything. More than a million dogs and cats do not fail to find families to adopt each year.

Most people who have made the decision to add an animal to their family want a baby or kitten, which is very rare found at the animal shelter. Most of the animals that are placed are middle-aged or already senior people with gray furry noses.

1. Looking

Adriene and her partner were looking for a second cat. They already had a 6 year old kitten strong> and wished for them to have some hairy entertainment to play with and cuddle when they weren’t home during the day. Now that Tabby was getting on in years, it was easy with her, she used the litter box reliably, didn’t raise the curtains or the wallpaper, was just cuddled up and relaxed .

Another reason why they would want to look for an older animal was that often the older animals were stuck in the shelter forever. One day Adriene read a post on Facebook that brought tears to her eyes.

2. They had to do it

Adrienne read the story of Tigger, a cat who had simply been dropped at the local veterinary clinic and abandoned by his owner. It almost broke her heart when she read that the already rough-looking tomcat had reached an incredible, proud age of 20 years. His life couldn’t end like that, nobody’s story should end like that… He lived twenty long years and then died lonely and abandoned in a veterinary clinic?

She looked deep into her boyfriend’s eyes and they both knew immediately what to do. We’re adopting the old guy! That same night, the two made their way to the said veterinary clinic.

3. Love at first sight

For Adriene and the cat named Tigger it was love at first sight. When they drove home together with the exhausted cat early in the morning, they noticed how matted his fur was and what an unkempt appearance he made. The state that her new darling was in did Adriene and her boyfriend hurt in the heart. How could you let a living being so neglect and degenerate?

Once they got home, Trigger went exploring. The cat felt at home immediately and snuggled up in every pillow and blanket he could think of. However, he had a habit that worried his new masters.

4. Is Tigger ill?

The cat worried them because he was drinking non-stop. The amount of water he consumed dailywas not usual for a cat. Adriene and her partner are certain that this indicates an illness. They didn’t want to waste any time and quickly made an appointment with the vet. He should examine Tigger’s blood to rule out an illness.

The vet identified the problem right away, Tigger’s kidneys were failing due to age, hence the strong urge to drink. Unfortunately, this examination also discovered a tumor the size of a golf ball in the poor animal.

5. Big plans

Tigger’s new parents knew that he would only be alive for a limited amount of time and so they hatched a plan. They wanted to help the cat check off missing items on his personal bucket list.

Of course there were a few last wishes of the cat that were very easy to put into practice, for example a cuddle. What cat doesn’t want that. In addition, the tomcat was literally starved when it came to snuggling and they were only too happy to do him this favor. They wanted to show their Tigger life from the very best side again, so that he could enjoy the last few days to the fullest.

6. The Special Trip

The next trip with Tigger was to the beach, something he had never seen in his life. You could see that Tigger had a lot of fun that day. After the cat had enjoyed the time purring in the warm sand, the next big day was just around the corner, his birthday. They were sure that it would be his last, so Tigger had a delicious chicken pie. The cat was definitely excited!

As wonderful and entertaining as the excursions were, Tigger’s favorite spot was in Adriene’s arms. To visit her familyin Florida, she even took the clingy cat with her.

7. Lifetime

It had been clear to Adriene when Tigger was adopted that it would be a temporary love affair. But in such a short time the cat had seized an indispensable place in her heart that she was very afraid of the day when he unfortunately had to go .

When Tigger suddenly started to walk sluggishly less than a year after they took him in, Adriene knew it was time to walk. She hugged him tightly, listened to his brittle purr again and a few seconds later had to let him go forever.

8. Still happy

Tigger, the orange-red tabby cat, will leave a gap in the little family. Adriene says, the time with him was way too short, but maybe that’s why so valuable. Even if Tigger had now breathed his last breath</strong >, Adriene and her boyfriend were happy. It filled her with pride that the cat was able to enjoy his final months and fell asleep in her warm, loving arms instead of in the draughty shelter.

Adriene posted a post telling Tigger’s story, calling for people to make a conscious choice for elderly shelter residents and explaining that it in this way much deeper friendships with the animal could come.

9. Tips and tricks

Adriene had another important tip for dealing with animals that have already had some traumatic events behind them or were in a phase of mourning to their followers. Always have enough tasty food in the house. By “delicious food”, Adriene understood homemade delicacies, especially for her darlings. Tigger always enjoyed everything down to the last bite.

Adriene had given Tigger all the love she could. Starting with a cozy place to sleep,about food prepared with love,through to cuddles as much as he wanted. She made his life worth living again in the last few days.

10. Homemade pet food

In recent years, cooking for pets has gained a reexperienced real boom. There are numerous reasons for this, for example that the food is simply healthier because it contains no preservatives. You know it from yourself, a meal cooked with love warms the heart and is simply a very special gift. So why not give the pet just as much love and appreciation?

There are already a large number of specialty pet food cookbookson the market, critics say some pets feed better than themselves. is the fat content of the ingredients used, otherwise the kitty will soon have to go on a diet.

11. B-A-R-F: A new trend

BARF, sounds strange, but it is a diet developed for carnivorous pets, primarily dogs. There are several English translations for the abbreviation, in German it means: “Organic, species-appropriate, raw feed”. In Berlin, for example, shops for BARF are sprout like mushrooms from the autumn soil. When preparing the meals, BARF supporters say they follow the eating habits of wild dogs and wolves.

Many cat owners choose food for their darlings in a similar way as they do for themselves. However, there are certain things, such as vegetarian or even vegan lifestyles, which are not at all suitable for cats and should be avoided.

12. Keep your hands off the spice rack

Maybe the cat likes to taste the salted ground beef that she sometimes dusts off when cooking a human meal. But for the animal’s health, spices are pure poison. Cats are natural hunters, which provides guidance on what needs to be present in a cat’s meal. The composition of the nutrients is important, most of which can only be found in fresh meat.

The home-made cat food is based on potatoes, rice and noodles, which should not be overcooked. You are welcome to add carrots, broccoli or asparagus as a vegetable side dish, anything your four-legged friend likes. It is best to cook the meat or the boneless fish separately. strong>with a spoonful of butter, mix and you’re done. Bon appetit!

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