IBM Spectrum Protect: an affordable enterprise-level solution

Data backup and archiving solutions with maximum flexibility and granular adaptability to both greenfield and existing infrastructure. IBM Spectrum Protect architecture optimizes the load on existing backup environment components and data availability

The advantages of the solution include flexible pricing and good opportunities for medium-sized businesses. The solution works with IBM and other hardware, but solutions from one vendor work more effectively together, and the conditions for complex monovendor projects are very interesting.

Features of IBM Spectrum Protect

High performance. According to IBM tests, one Spectrum Protect server can replace several competitors’ installations by productivity.

Progressive incremental backup. A full backup needs to be done only once during the initial installation. The system then backs up only changes, gathering all data into a single configuration. In classic backup systems, a full backup, for example, needs to be done once a week. An incremental backup is done every day. The system restores 100% of data immediately, without the need to restore a full backup and then incremental data sequentially, IBM Spectrum Protect restores actual data at once, which leads to shorter restore times and less stress on the infrastructure.

The high recovery rate from tape media. When writing or recovering data from tape, the main problem is that the data that is written and the data that needs to be recovered may be located in different places on that tape. The tape is wound in one direction only, and if something is missing, it has to be unwound several times, which takes a lot of time. IBM’s solution stores the information in the database so that when you restore data from the tape, it is mounted only once, and it does not matter what part of the tape the data is in. In doing so, recovery speeds from tape media can be faster than from hard drives.


IBM offers a wide variety of licensing schemes. In my opinion, at least two should be considered: one based on the amount of back-end backup (the amount of data the customer will store) and the other based on the front-end (the amount of raw data the customer plans to protect). For these two types of licensing the company provides different prices (check with our managers). A special bundle for SMB customers – Entry – is designed for companies with less than 100 terabytes of data. There is also a special IBM Storage Suite, which includes a wide range of products (not only Spectrum Protect but also solutions for monitoring, storage virtualization, etc.) licensed on the back-end scheme.

We recommend that you buy the extended suite, which includes a backup system, and many other Spectrum products, monitoring, and virtualization solutions (from different vendors) because it is much better value.

What’s new

In its latest releases, IBM continues to refine the central management console so that it doesn’t have to work through the command line. Now some functionality is implemented through the GUI, and deep settings through the command line, we hope that in the coming releases, there will be more opportunities to work from the GUI.

A recent addition is the Spectrum Protect Plus module. It is part of the Spectrum Protect Suite and Spectrum Storage Suite. All companies that use Spectrum Protect Suite of any licensing scheme can take advantage of the enhanced functionality with improved virtualization backup capabilities with current tech support.

IBM tape libraries

SRK data can be stored at several levels – on hard disks, tape media, virtual tape libraries of various configurations, as well as in the cloud (including Softline cloud). Tape libraries remain the classic and most cost-effective solution for storing large volumes of archive data at the moment.
IBM improves the wide possibilities of tape libraries and uses the most modern technologies. Already available in Russia is a new type of cartridge LTO Ultrium 8, which became more capacious. The new generation of cartridges provides for storing up to 30 TB of data on one cartridge (12 TB uncompressed), which is twice the capacity of the previous generation LTO Ultrium 7 cartridges. High read speed: 750 MB/s is achieved through internal data compression; for uncompressed data, transfer speeds are up to 300 MB/s.

Tape libraries are designed to work with both Spectrum Archive for archive creation and Spectrum Protect.

Protecting your business with Softline and IBM

How much of your business are you willing to lose because you saved on a backup system and where do you store your data? There is no need to compromise. Thanks to IBM solutions your business will not face any losses.

Softline is an authorized IBM partner, has the high status of an IBM Gold Business Partner, as well as high competencies in IBM solutions, and has a wealth of experience in implementing projects of various complexity

Softline and IBM have been strategic partners for over eight years in many areas, including the Spectrum line.

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