IBM Spectrum Protect Plus: more productive storage management

How important is proper data management data in the enterprise?

Data is a company’s most important asset companies. For practical purposes, we can say that it has become the oil of the 21st century. the oil of the 21st century, since it is the basis for all the company’s decision-making in the company, both in terms of the business itself and the business itself and its customers, as well as those that may be taken subsequently. In addition, the new technologies that are arriving, such as Artificial Intelligence, allow us to such as Artificial Intelligence, allow any data the company can manage to be that the company can manage is relevant once it has been stored, allowing it to gain in flexibility and agility in flexibility and agility in adapting to the needs of the business. Data management now become much more relevant for all organizations, which have to deal with it in an agile way. and ubiquitous to get the most out of it. And not only at the moment, it is generated, as has been the case up to now, but also after it has been generated, it begins to recover value. generation, it begins to recover value, so its proper management is essential for its full utilization.

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What is the ecosystem of mission-critical environments and virtual machines like? What do companies have to deal with today?

Just as companies have adopted in recent years the definition of their computing environments by software computing environments, e.g. for the virtualization of their servers, companies are now servers, they are now deploying software-defined storage solutions to help them improve their software-defined storage solutions are now being implemented to help them improve their agility and flexibility in the data management environment. An environment that is experiencing tremendous growth thanks to the advent of technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of Things (IoT). of technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), cognitive solutions, or the increase of loads related to the audio-visual world, which are related to the audiovisual world, which will considerably increase the demand, not only for data storage but also for how to exploit it to obtain relevant information.

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What is this new paradigm that has emerged thanks to the appearance of Spectrum Protect Plus and IBM Spectrum Protect Plus?

IBM is developing IBM Spectrum Protect Plus to meet the new needs defined by the adoption of server virtualization. defined by the adoption of server virtualization. An environment where companies have to manage their data in a more agile and efficient way, so this solution makes it possible to manage data in virtualized environments in a much more flexible way. much more flexible. Spectrum Protect Plus makes it possible to use the data for further exploitation with technologies such as artificial intelligence, to the benefit of the company’s customers. technologies such as artificial intelligence, while providing the flexibility to make storage or management of virtualized environments ubiquitous. storage or data management ubiquitous in on-premise and public or private cloud environments.

What is the differentiator of Spectrum Protect Plus in the market?

The competitive advantage of Spectrum Protect Plus is that, up until now, the infrastructure provisioned in the virtualized environment was divided into a productive and non-productive environment. productive and non-productive environment, with the latter being used for protection. But now, thanks to Spectrum Protect Plus, we can make the entire infrastructure provisioned infrastructure becomes productive since the one used to protect the data becomes useful so that it can be used for other types of activities, for example, other types activities, such as data analytics, artificial intelligence, testing, pre-production environments, etc. artificial intelligence, testing, pre-production environments, etc. In this way, its value is recovered and it is possible to avoid having assets that are not productive, as was the case up to now, when the backup environment only provided value to the business when a contingency occurred.

What are its main features of Spectrum Protect Plus?

Spectrum Protect Plus data management makes it possible to manage backups using templates oriented to management through SLA-driven templates, without the need for a dedicated data protection-only infrastructure, so it leverages the entire data protection infrastructure. It, therefore, leverages the entire infrastructure for productive use. In addition, it generates snapshots that capture and maintain the state of virtualized containers and enable processes such as compression, deduplication, and replication. compression, deduplication, and embedded replication. The use of copies allows the reuse of stored data for the immediate deployment of new virtual machine instances, such as virtual machine instances, e.g. to generate testing, branching, pre-production, and final production environments in just a few minutes, pre-production and final production environments in a few minutes, thanks to the open virtual appliance (OVA) and agentless architecture. and agentless architecture. All this by using a self-service portal for the immediate management of data processing processes, according to the SLA established for them, and with the possibility of both on-premise and off-site deployment. possibility of deployment both on-premise and in private and public multi-cloud environments.

What is the ROI of this solution?

Because all the infrastructure that we provide for the backup environment becomes productive, we are already getting value from the very first moment. the environment becomes productive, from the very first moment we are already getting value out of something that was something that wasn’t there before.

What kind of companies need Spectrum Protect Plus?

All those companies that use server virtualization technologies can benefit from the capabilities of IBM Spectrum Protect Plus, as they dedicate infrastructure to protecting infrastructure to protect the data in these virtualized environments. In this way, they will be able to reuse a large part of that infrastructure, which is no longer exclusively dedicated to data protection. dedicated exclusively to data protection, to be able to dedicate it to other activities such as data analysis, testing, etc.

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