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IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM)

Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) is a full-featured storage software product that comprehensively solves the problem of managing data storage in a distributed environment. It can be used to protect information as well as to manage data storage from workstations to enterprise servers. Tivoli Storage Manager supports over 35 platforms, many of which have a graphical user interface (GUI).

Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) provides:

– centralized data administration and storage management;

– efficient management in the conditions of growing information flows;

– high-speed automated data recovery;

– compatibility with hundreds of different storage devices, operation in local (LAN), global (WAN) networks, and emerging storage area networks (SAN);

– customizable redundancy solution for underlying collaborative software, enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications, and DBMS.

Protecting stored information and global e-business strategies

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager(IBM TSM) is an excellent choice for a complete storage management solution in a mixed-platform environment. More than 80 Fortune 100 companies use this product. More than one million systems are running under its protection worldwide. Tivoli Storage Manager is now even more productive, flexible, modular, and easy to manage than ever before.

Key features:

– Advanced backup technology saves time and disk space by backing up only new and modified files. This technology uses a proprietary relational database to track data wherever it is stored, allowing you to achieve direct file recovery in one step. The database eliminates the need for “base plus change” file recovery, which is typically used for recovery procedures in other storage management products. All this leads to a reduction in the amount of data transferred over the network;

– Sharing storage resources on tape media allows multiple Tivoli Storage Manager(TSM) servers to use the same tape library and the same tape drives. This greatly improves backup and recovery performance and efficiency of tape drives and libraries;

– Quick data recovery is done directly from tape or CD-ROM. As a result, recovery time is minimized because no network and central server resources are used. It also leads to improved data availability in case the Tivoli Storage Manager Server is unavailable;

– Data transfer without LAN resources enables efficient use of the SAN environment by moving data over the SAN rather than over the communication network. As a consequence, IP communication bandwidth can be leveraged to improve service levels for end users and customers;

– Dynamic multithreading allows a customer to simultaneously transmit data via multiple sessions to and receive data from the same Tivoli Storage Manager(TSM) server. This feature triples the backup performance compared to a single-threaded session. This speed is achieved because Tivoli Storage Manager transfer sessions are explicitly optimized based on available system resources;

– Adaptive differential technology changes the way data is backed up. Mobile users are included in the backup process, as well as those users for whom the minimum amount of data transfer is required and the time required to perform the backup is minimized. This backs up only the portion of the file that has been modified (after the original copy of the entire file), instead of backing up the file after each application;

– Enterprise-level network administration facilitates the centralized management of multiple versions of Tivoli Storage Manager without compromising network performance.

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Tivoli Disaster Recovery Manager

Providing the ability to quickly restore data and then continue running the system

Most companies understand that data backup is essential for business continuity. Without precautions, equipment failure or physical damage can lead to critical data loss. The task is further complicated by the fact that protecting widely distributed (geographically and organizationally) information is much more difficult.

When recovering a system after a failure, in an environment of nervousness and fuss that makes it difficult to make the right decisions, neglecting a precise and clear data recovery scheme is inadmissible. Tivoli Disaster Recovery Manager provides fast and reliable data recovery and gets the system back to normal.

Key features of Tivoli Disaster Recovery Manager:

– Manages server databases and memory pool backup volumes;

– creates a detailed system recovery plan after a failure;

– tracks and reports on destroyed systems in the event of a disaster;

– automates critical actions to restore normal system operation;

– Performs recovery operations in order of priority.

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Tivoli Space Manager

Tivoli Space Manager simplifies the deployment of enterprise storage management systems, increasing administrator efficiency and providing virtually unlimited storage capacity. Leveraging Hierarchical Memory Management (HSM), Tivoli Space Manager automatically and seamlessly transfers infrequently used files to the Tivoli Space Manager server while frequently used files remain on local file systems for faster access. Automatically moving infrequently used files to the Tivoli Space Manager server frees administrators and users from the need to manually clean file systems. This feature also ensures that sufficient free disk space is available on workstations and file servers, allowing you to defer the purchase of additional drives.

Key features:

– Provides enterprise-scale storage management for scalable storage systems;

– Moves infrequently accessed files without administrative intervention;

– automatically integrates and coordinates with Tivoli Storage Manager(TSM);

– provides quick access to current and archived data by performing:

– migrating rarely used data to the server,

– the automatic recall of the transferred files,

– management using strategies,

– integration with backup systems.

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OTG Software DiskXtender 2000 ;A complete storage management solution

OTG Software’s DiskXtender 2000 software product is an intelligent, automated, online, hierarchical storage management system for Microsoft operating systems. As an enterprise-scale storage system, DiskXtender 2000 helps save significant amounts of disk space (and, therefore, money to buy additional hard drives), which leads to increased administrator productivity and also provides the user with virtually unlimited disk space for data storage by migrating rarely used data to the Tivoli Storage Manager server. The data thus migrated is automatically and without delay recalled and transferred to the local disk whenever the user or application needs to access it. DiskXtender 2000 integrates with Tivoli Storage Manager, allowing data to be migrated from the primary storage system of Windows NT or Windows 2000 operating systems to any Tivoli Storage Manager server (across the enterprise) running IBM S/390, UNIX, or Windows operating systems. Such integration allows users to use a single repository for backup and moved data. The primary storage is managed to provide the most efficient and cost-effective use of the server disk space allocated to the local computer. With DiskXtender 2000, user-defined strategies for moving data from each Windows NT administrator or Windows 2000 server can be defined.

Key features:

– Provides an extensible enterprise-wide storage management system;

– provides easy and fast recovery of current and archived data;

– includes a complete disaster recovery system for data protection;

– integrates with Tivoli Storage Manager(TSM) to manage core storage locations.


Enhanced data recovery capabilities

DiskXtender 2000 gives applications the fastest possible access to data by storing the most frequently used file data on local drives. Moved data is recalled without delay and on demand. With advanced capabilities such as forward reading, preemptive sampling, and task scheduling, it provides unprecedented speed and quality access to application data.

Automate storage management

DiskXtender 2000 moves data to the Tivoli Storage Manager server through the integration of its API. Tivoli Storage Manager manages this data according to the management strategies and classes defined by the Tivoli Storage Manager administrator. This enables centralized data management on the Tivoli Storage Manager server side. It also allows the enterprise to take advantage of existing tape libraries and drives, as well as use automated tape management by Tivoli Storage Manager.

Bare Metal Restore for Tivoli Storage Manager(TSM)
Multi-platform system recovery solution

Bare Metal Restore is a multi-platform software solution from Kernel Group that allows Tivoli Storage Manager customers to restore machines from normal backups, that is, without a special backup and system reinstallation. If a boot disk crash or other catastrophic failure occurs on the client system, Bare Metal Restore, working in a place with Tivoli Storage Manager, returns the machine to the state it was in when it was last backed up.

This solution extends the capabilities of Tivoli Storage Manager by integrating system recovery and reducing network and storage overhead. When used together, Bare Metal Restore and Tivoli Storage Manager can reduce overall costs by reducing time, labor, and number of operations.

Key features:

– implements an automated approach to system recovery;

– enables fast, error-free restoration of systems, settings, applications, and data to the state they were in before the failure;

– restores or clones an entire machine with a single command;

– integrates with Tivoli Storage Manager;

– uses a single, common approach when recovering enterprise systems across multiple hardware platforms, including IBM AIX, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, Windows 2000, and Windows NT, and facilitates the most efficient and effective recovery.

An automated approach to system recovery

Integration with Tivoli Storage Manager(TSM)

Bare Metal Restore integrates with Tivoli Storage Manager. When using Bare Metal Restore, clients are backed up to the Tivoli Storage Manager server (or servers). Before the backup starts, a program is automatically executed that records the state of the machine settings, so that Bare Metal Restore can restore the machine based on the Tivoli Storage Manager backup.

Automated recovery process

The process of restoring a machine with Bare Metal Restore is simple and highly automated. It starts when the user commands the Bare Metal Restore server to prepare to restore the client. In response to this command, the Bare Metal Restore server queries the Tivoli Storage Manager(TSM) server for client configuration data, creates a customized client recovery procedure, and makes the appropriate bootstrap script image and file systems available to the client. The client then boots from the boot server and begins executing the customized bootstrap procedure, which implements the following tasks:

– connecting the necessary file systems of the file server;

– configuration of disks, logical volumes, file systems, etc;

– restoring files from the storage server, including the operating system, configuration data, applications, and user files, using the Tivoli Storage Manager(TSM) client.

After performing these tasks, the client configures the initial boot block and database and then reboots in the restored state.

Tivoli Storage Network Manager

Tivoli Storage Network Manager is a complete solution for deploying and operating a storage area network (SAN) infrastructure and associated storage resources. This unique product enables you to discover, locate, monitor, automate, and manage SAN components as well as the storage disk resources that are part of the network. At the same time, it has an extensible architecture and can manage large and complex systems.

Tivoli Storage Network Manager includes the following features to manage the SAN topology, assign available disk resources to managed hosts and automatically expand the file system for hosts as directed by the administrator:

– Network Manager – can integrate directly with Tivoli NetView or work standalone, providing a vendor-independent, graphical SAN management interface that allows administrators to discover and quickly troubleshoot problems within the SAN infrastructure.

– Disk Manager – With this feature, administrators can securely manage SAN-related resources. These resources can be allocated to managed SAN hosts (or returned to a shared resource pool) via a graphical screen that shows available disk storage resources and the allocations made.

– Policy Manager – implements a set of administrator-defined tasks that are hierarchically based on automatic monitoring, allocation of additional storage space, and file system expansion for managed SAN hosts. Jobs can be explicitly defined for a file system, host, group of hosts, or inherited from the default SAN job.

Complete SAN management solution

Tivoli Storage Network Manager provides a complete solution that goes well beyond what is commonly understood by SAN management. The management features are most often accessed through the vendor’s interfaces over dial-up fiber optic links. All of these features are extremely useful, but Tivoli Storage Network Manager allows administrators to use existing and new SAN resources more efficiently and economically.

With this product, it is possible to:

– Monitor the SAN to identify and troubleshoot problems, resulting in more manageable SAN infrastructure and ensuring applications have guaranteed access to their data;

– identify and allocate heterogeneous disk storage resources according to logical unit numbers (LUNs), providing a simple, secure and efficient method of assigning resources to host systems

– monitor file systems to automatically allocate and expand additional disk resources, enabling continuous application processing while reducing administrative burden and various costs.

Tivoli SANergy
Realizing the potential of SAN

Tivoli SANergy allows you to centralize storage resources, reducing administration costs, improving performance, and increasing ROI. Tivoli SANergy allows customers using storage networks to share storage devices, volumes, and files transparently. Shared storage resources can reside and be used on UNIX, Microsoft Windows NT, and Apple Macintosh systems, with shared access possible at the volume, file, and byte level, offering higher performance and lower management costs than a traditional server-based storage model. The high-performance storage environment thus created can significantly reduce costs for information technology departments by creating a single memory space and eliminating the need to store multiple copies of data often created in networks with multiple systems.

The following Tivoli SANergy features allow you to realize the full potential of the SAN:

– Easy management and centralization of memory within the SAN through powerful sharing capabilities in a heterogeneous environment at the volume, file, and byte level;

– Extended support for standard networks, taking full advantage of any SAN media, including Fibre Channel, SCSI, SSA, iSCSI, and InfiniBand;

– Centralized memory space, free from the resource-intensive limitations of traditional file servers;

– high data availability due to the elimination of the possibility of single failures, typical of traditional servers;

– reduction in the total amount of memory space in the SAN due to the lack of data copies, including backups;

– reduction in the number of required disk volumes on the SAN and the efficient use of disk space;

– Improving the server-to-memory scalability ratio and avoiding the bottlenecks typical of dedicated file servers;

– the ability to use standard file systems in conjunction with SAN and LAN protocols;

– the ability to work with virtually any SAN and LAN product, regardless of hardware and software.


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