interesting machine learning and AI projects for beginners and intermidiate

Artificial intelligence is a broad topic that contains many subtopics.The scope of the theory is in itself a huge task.However, studying theory alone is not enough.So, if you’re new and just getting started with AI, your best bet is to work on small projects on the go.

Doing projects in AI can be very rewarding and can instill a variety of technical knowledge and experience.What’s more, having AI projects on your resume and portfolio can land you high-end jobs and give you an edge over your competition.You can showcase your talent through these projects.Every project presents different challenges and the best way to explain them to your recruiter is to actually complete the project.

Moreover, doing projects regularly will help you keep track of your progress, and in case something goes wrong, you will find new and innovative solutions to solve the problem.Moreover, if you are a final year student, doing an AI project can get you good grades due to the wide range of areas it covers.

Finding the right AI project can be a little tricky.You need to make sure that you don’t take on a difficult project as a beginner, because in this case you may lose interest in the middle of the project.Listed below are some projects for all levels.

Basic and mid-level machine learning and AI projects 

1. House Price Forecast

Here you will need to predict the selling price of houses based on a dataset from Boston that contains several sample house prices.You can easily get the dataset from the Kaggle or UCI ML repository.This is a great project for beginners.

2. Predicting the stock price

The stock market is filled with data.Here you can get a lot of datasets and get started as a beginner right away.You can try to predict the share price of a particular stock at a given time.You can also perform time series analysis on any of these datasets.

3. Customer recommendation

You may have noticed on online e-commerce portals that under a product you will find a list of products that you are most likely to buy.Or, if you’re trying to purchase a product, it will recommend more products for you, indicating that these products are usually purchased together.They are called recommender systems and are one of the perfect machine learning projects you can create as an intermediate ML enthusiast.

4. Chatbots

This is an advanced project.You can start by building chatbots for customer service.Once created, you can improve it by adding more questions and examples.

5. Spam classifier

You can build a spam classifier as your first machine learning project.Here we classify emails as spam or non-spam using classification models.

Some other advanced level projects you can work on include –

  • Line detection.
  • Optimal way.
  • Game of chess.
  • Next word predictor.
  • Learn to drive a car with reinforcement learning.
  • Chatbot system for e-commerce.
  • Self-driving car.
  • Music recommendation app.
  • Recognition and detection of emotions on the face.

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