La Dolce Vita with Kikkoman

Sun, sea and Mediterranean flair – that’s Italy! The southern European boot is also known for its excellent Italian cuisine, which is one of the country’s most important cultural assets and is celebrated every day all over the world. Why is that? Not only because of the famous “Dolce Vita” joie de vivre of the Italians, say international gourmets! Because typical Italian ingredients such. B. Parmesan cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms and anchovies have one thing in common: umami, one special fullness. And since the youngest and fifth sense of taste, umami, is also an important property of Kikkoman soy sauce, Italian cuisine and Kikkoman form a perfect duo. Try it. In terms of taste, Italy and Asia don’t seem to be as far apart as many people initially think…

Delicious herbs, varied vegetable creations, high-quality olive oil and freshly caught fish are integral parts of Italian cuisine, which as a whole is made up of several regional cuisines. The typical Italian menu begins with small antipasti bites. Pizza, pasta and the like are then served up – dishes that are very popular around the world and are also favorites in many other countries. No wonder! Because they are delicious and easy to prepare. And they are suitable for everyone: Those who dare to try Italian recipes usually do not need any extraordinary cooking skills. Depending on your wishes, however, a little extra to spice up traditional dishes or to create new taste experiences. Ever tried pasta with a dash of Kikkoman Soy Sauce? Mamma Mia!

In times when people travel a lot around the world, culinary boundaries blur – to the delight of everyone who wants to try something new in the stove every now and then. So why not refine typical Italian recipes with Asian soy sauce charm? For example, the naturally brewed soy sauce from Kikkoman creates the perfect combination. Thanks to its extraordinary aromas, which unfold during its natural brewing process, which lasts up to six months, it gives every dish a unique full-bodied flavor – without overpowering the inherent taste of other recipe components. Would you like a taste? Then try our recipe suggestions – and let yourself be surprised by the different influences and flavor combinations as well as the fifth taste dimension umami!

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