More than an accessory – the carpet in front of the Aldi branches

Well, a carpet at the entrance to a supermarket? Everyone has probably seen a carpet like this before. But maybe not, because he is rather inconspicuous.

So if you are in a hurry or just want to do the shopping quickly, you could easily overlook it. It is not the intention to give the shop a living ambience. Instead, these rugs have a ingenious function without which it would be very difficult to make a purchase.

2. Little colour, lots of function

Aldi has a logo with strong colours. But the carpet in the entrance area of ​​the supermarket is an absolutely boring, dark gray carpet. Is it a mud flap, some kind of larger doormat? No he is not. Quite the opposite.

Of course, it also serves to keep dirt away – especially in wet, dirty weather – but it’s not here for that. The carpet in front of the entrance to the Aldi branches is mostly monochromatic in grey and has a grooved structure. This also serves the function of the carpet.

< strong>3. The thing with the shopping trolleys

The part that looks like a carpet and is also located in the entrance area of ​​the shop has a very useful function. It is possible that some customers have often noticed that a shopping trolley is difficult to move and that it is difficult to navigate the “vehicle” into the store.

Although this can also have something to do with wear and tear, Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd supermarket trolleys have equipped their trolleys with immobilizers. Especially if the car doesn’t move smoothly at first, but then apparently no longer has this problem in the shop, it was almost certainly this carpet that turned the shopping obstacle into a shopping aid.

4 . Anti-theft system for shopping trolleys

It’s an annoying problem that unfortunately keeps happening. The shopping trolleys, which are actually only provided for shopping in the branch, are not brought back to their stand by everyone after they have been used.

Inserting a coin or a chip around the basket detaching it from the anchoring in which it stands with other baskets is apparently no incentive to bring it back after shopping and loading the purchased goods. As a result, retailers regularly experience losses, which range between 50 and 150 euros, depending on the type of shopping trolley. They are a nuisance for every supermarket.

5. Shopping trolleys as stolen goods

For most people who do their shopping in an orderly manner, it is a matter of course to put back the basket that they just used for shopping after the purchase. you shop,pay for their goods, pack them for the way home or put the purchased goods in the car or cargo bike. For this purpose, the shopping trolley can be driven over the entire area of ​​the parking lot. In addition, the shopping trolleys from Aldi are blocking and the trolleys “refuse” to continue driving smoothly, at least with 4 wheels.

In this way, the possibility of simply stealing the shopping basket should be prevented.

6. What does the anti-theft protection of the shopping baskets have to do with the carpet in front of the Aldi branch?

Unfortunately, the baskets are still not filed away from misuse, destruction or soiling, but at least when If the basket is not to be destroyed willfully and under any circumstances, but was simply pushed beyond the boundaries of the business premises, moving the shopping aid is no longer so easy. In this way, it is usually not necessary to steal the baskets, because anyone who illegally takes such a basket home with them will not enjoy it and will not be able to use it for anything.

A basket from Aldi that was pushed over the perimeter of the Aldi premises blocked its wheels. This blockage is only released when the basket is pushed across the carpet in the entrance area of ​​the store.

7. An inconspicuous carpet deactivates the immobilizer of the shopping trolleys

Despite the clever idea, customers keep driving the trolley further than they should, i.e. further than the parking lot in front of the shop or the underground car park belonging to the shop. Of course, not everyone who rolled the car beyond this invisible limit has bad intentions or does not want to bring the car back, but by then it is usually too late for the car to be drivable. Customers moving beyond this range, even a short distance, will find it very difficult to move the cart.

This also applies if the customer naturally wants to bring the car back. Once pushed beyond this area, the immobilizer kicks in and can only be released when the car is rolled over this gray carpet. Since the carts are usually parked in front of the store and chained up there, it’s also annoying for subsequent customers when they want to drive the cart out of the pits to go shopping and the cart is very heavy or can’t drive at all. However, if they manage to push the stubborn car down to the carpet, from this point it can be easily driven and steered, as if by magic.

8. The secret of the Aldi carpet

The gray carpet has a grooved structure. This is not for visual purposes.The trick that lets the trolleys roll quite normally in the shop and on the designated areas outside of the shop is embedded in the grooves. This also applies to those trolleys where has just blocked the immobilizer because customers have pushed the car beyond this boundary line. In order to bring the car at least up to the holder, the car often has to be raised or z. T. to be worn.

In any case, it is not possible with all 4 wheels. If the following customers catch such a car, they often react angrily because the car can hardly be moved even now. The problem is often solved after only 1 to 2 meters of difficult driving – when the car is rolled onto this carpet. In the grooves of the carpet there are sensors that remove the blockage caused by magnetic strips located in the floor of the perimeter of the Aldi premises.

9. Summary

With the help of difficult driving, the discounter Aldi is trying to protect its shopping carts from theft by not allowing them to be driven properly with 4 wheels off-site. The outer boundary is defined by the magnetic strips and the locking of the cars and the unlocking of the car with the help of this carpet are perfectly coordinated.

As a rule, cars that are blocked due to unauthorized driving do not cause any more problems after contact with the carpet. In the In a few cases where even the carpet cannot help, an employee of the shop can probably do it.

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