Oven-fresh specialties with Kikkoman sauces

Whether casserole, gratin, roast, pizza or quiche – a variety of different dishes can be prepared in the oven. The ingredients cook slowly and gently on the tray, in the roaster or in a baking pan. This makes oven dishes particularly flavorful. Best of all, the spicy aromas can also develop fully during the long cooking time. If you season your culinary oven creations with Kikkoman sauces before baking, they too will unfold their unmistakable aroma. Your dishes will be wonderfully full-bodied.

Hot and spicy, deliciously fragrant and baked with a melting layer of cheese – what comes fresh out of the oven is a treat for all the senses. Almost anything that the fridge has to offer can be used as an ingredient: vegetables and mushrooms, meat and poultry, but also fish and seafood. In addition to cheese, oven dishes can also be refined with butter, frying oils and herbs. And if you prefer it spicy, bring chili or horseradish into play.

Oven dishes can be prepared very well and are therefore perfect if you are expecting guests. While the food is cooking, the hostess can turn to other things in peace – for example, preparing a delicious dessert. In addition, several portions can easily be accommodated in a large casserole dish. Our tip: If you have any leftovers, simply put them back in the oven the next day to warm up. Some claim it tastes even better the second day than the first.

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