Shabu Shabu

Cosy evenings with friends and family over a delicious, relaxed and, above all, slow meal – that’s what fondue is all about! And not only here in Europe, but also in Japan. There it is called Shabu-Shabu and is traditionally served with beef. Each guest can prepare their own meat by dunking it in a pot of simmering hot broth. The sound it makes has given the dish its interesting name. Various types of cabbage, leek, carrots, various mushrooms or udon noodles are also offered, which are also cooked in the broth. After cooking, you dip meat and vegetables in ponzu or sesame sauce and let them melt in your mouth! This is usually served with rice.

Let’s go! Bilgifrekans shows you two great recipes for the convivial, traditional Japanese meal:

Ingredients for two:

For the sesame sauce (do it yourself):

Here’s how it works:

Cut the beef slices into pieces. Remove the stems of the shiitake mushrooms and cut the rest decoratively. Cut the stem of the Hakusai (Chinese cabbage) into 4-5cm strips and the leaves into edible pieces. Roughly chop the spinach and cut the spring onions diagonally into 5-6 cm sticks. Mix together the ingredients for the sesame sauce. Boil broth. Boil the meat lightly in broth and cook the rest of the ingredients accordingly as you eat. Enjoy with sesame sauce and ponzu as dipping sauces.

Ingredients for two:

For the Tsuyu broth:

How to do it:

Cut the radish into thin strips 15 cm long. Cut the pork/beef into thin and large slices, roughly chop the carrot, mizuna (or spinach) into 5 cm strips. Blanch the shirataki noodles (or glass noodles). Mix all the ingredients for the broth in a saucepan and add the remaining ingredients. Season by dipping ingredients in ponzu or sesame sauce and enjoy.

Shabu-Shabu is not only popular in Japan. It is slowly but surely becoming a new trend in Europe and is being offered in more and more restaurants. But the most comfortable place is still at home! With good friends, a delicious wine and a lot of time. In three great recipe ideas, bilgifrekans shows what you need for a successful European shabu-shabu. Well, got an appetite? Then it’s best to invite friends and family over immediately and try to cook!

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