Tasty beauty tricks: 10 foods that make your teeth whiter

Who doesn’t want one? White shiny teeth. Of course, professional bleaching by the dentist is the most effective way to whiten teeth. This is a complex and expensive treatment. Several sessions are often necessary. And after a few months you will have to undergo re-treatment. The frustration goes deep into your wallet!

Many people therefore fulfill their wish for white teeth with home remedies such as baking powder or lemon juice. Please be careful – the acid attacks the tooth enamel and can cause enormous damage! We found foods for you that naturally whiten your teeth! These 10 “gifts of nature” will help you keep your teeth white.

1. Bananas

Fortunately, there are delicious foods that naturally whiten teeth. Special ingredients in fruit and vegetables only provide short-term bleaching effects, but they are not harmful when consumed every day and also taste good. This definitely includes the banana! We’ll tell you why:

Bananas contain minerals and vitamins such as potassium, manganese and magnesium that whiten teeth. As always, most of the vitamins are in the peel, which of course cannot be eaten with bananas, but it can be used as a peeling for the teeth. To get the effect, simply rub your teeth on the sinewy inside of the banana peel. Then wait ten minutes. Sounds weird? It works!

2. Apples

Another beauty secret: the apple. Is healthy eating your passion? Then make sure you reach for an apple every day! Many people underestimate the wonderful properties of this superfood! Not only do they reduce your risk of disease and aid in weight loss, but they naturally whiten your teeth! How does it work?

We found out for you: Their crunchy structure not only promotes cleaning and saliva production, they also naturally contain malic acid, which makes yellow stains on the tooth disappear. In any case, eat apples with the skin, because the skin not only contains important vitamins, you achieve a better “dental result”.

3. Strawberries

Strawberries – they simply taste delicious and are an ideal “slim fruit”. In addition, the red fruity delicacy consists of over 90% water. In addition, nutritional experts have been using fresh strawberries against anemia since time immemorial because of their high content of folic acid and iron! Wonderful, isn’t it? But that’s not all!

The small seeds of the strawberry contain a kind of bleaching agent and also clean the teeth. They also contain many healthy vitamins and malic acid, which dissolves discolouration. It has been proven that strawberries can change your teeth demonstrably. For this it is necessary that you eat them and notProcess as a smoothie. Because your tooth enamel can suffer from it.

4. Pineapple

The pineapple is the most popular tropical fruit in Germany. It not only consists of numerous vital substances, but can not only brighten your mood, but also your teeth! As the? – the natural vanillin contained in pineapple is a mood enhancer with no side effects. A stimulating, erotic and euphoric effect is attributed to it.

The superfruit also contains the enzyme bromelain, which helps dissolve plaque on teeth. The pineapple is not only healthy, it works externally and internally for beauty! Do you want to compete with the “laughing models” in advertising? Then please smile everywhere! Laughter not only puts you in a good mood, it is also absolutely attractive.

5. Pears

Pears are among the most fibre-rich types of fruit. In addition, they contain the important mineral boron, which is usually rarely ingested by humans. This is relevant for the body to store calcium. Why is calcium so important? – the vitamin is particularly important for bone formation and therefore for your teeth!

But what is in pears that brightens the white of your teeth? It turns out differently than expected: pears are a non-sour fruit. The pulp neutralizes the acid in the mouth and acid is known to attack tooth enamel. The pear counteracts this. You have to think of it like a protective coat over your tooth. Great! Don’t you agree?

6. Mineral water

Mineral water and sport are in an absolutely ideal combination! But how does the nutrient-rich “wet” relate to your teeth? – You must know that mineral water does not actively whiten teeth, yet the sparkling water keeps teeth clean and free from acid.

Of course, water is also the best alternative to other beverages that yellow teeth like coffee, black tea and red wine. The fact is: mineral water is good for your teeth. A sip of water after a meal can protect against tooth decay. Above all, those who like to snack should attach particular importance to oral hygiene and tooth protection. So “water march!”

7. Cheese

Gauda, ​​Brie and Parmesan not only taste delicious – some are even really healthy. According to a study, cheese is said to work wonders in the body. We Germans love cheese. A breakfast without cheese on the table is unthinkable. But many people worry about the fat content in cheese and prefer not to eat it at all. Don’t! Are you wondering why?

Cheese is an important source of vitamins, proteins and minerals and plays a central role in a healthy and balanced diet. Your teeth will thank you too! Because the protein content in cheese called casein reduces the breakdown of tooth enamel. So stay tuned! Nothing makes a person look as attractive as a glownd smile.

8. Carrots

True health makers: carrots – The high carotene content is particularly outstanding with carrots, to which the carrots also owe their typical color. We all know that if you just get enough carotene, your complexion can reveal a natural tan like you’ve been kissed by the sun. But carrots have so much more to offer:

Just use a carrot from a toothbrush! Do not you believe? Then please read on: Carrots contain many vitamins and minerals that are important for white teeth, vitamin A in particular is good for tooth enamel. Carrots can protect and strengthen teeth by chewing, the little acid they contain and a lot of calcium.

9. Nuts

Whether in muesli in the morning or as a snack in between – nuts are real treasures for our health! Whether for the figure, health or potency. Dentists have known for a long time: Nuts contain different substances such as calcium, vitamins, iron, magnesium, zinc and many more that have a positive effect on teeth and gums. In short: they strengthen the tooth enamel.

The intensive chewing is very stimulating for the production of saliva. More saliva flows around the teeth and dilutes the built-up acid. What do you think happens to tooth enamel? – The calcium contained in the saliva remineralizes the tooth enamel. Also brush your teeth regularly after eating, as this is the only way to guarantee that your teeth will remain white!

10. Cucumbers

Apart from caries, the worst enemy of teeth is erosion. Premature tooth brushing can destroy the calcareous tooth enamel very quickly! What helps? After the acidic food, stop brushing your teeth or eat cucumbers! They are similar in effect to apples. Cucumbers also have that crunchy texture that breaks down sugar and deposits on teeth.

White teeth – we associate it with a well-groomed appearance, confidence and beauty. But it’s all in you anyway! So when are you going to wear shimmery red lipstick and turn heads again? This not only emphasizes the whiteness of your teeth, but also your gorgeous smile! And laughter is known to make you beautiful.

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