The 10 hottest food trends

Of course! Original food is booming. Nutrition has been the alpha and omega for centuries. But just like humanity, nutrition has also changed massively. Bloggers and Instagramers bring new ideas all over the world. The style and appearance of the food is changing, restaurants are repositioning themselves. Concepts are “thrown overboard” and a variety of culinary delights are created. Nowadays, nutrition is THE topic. “I” and the “food” have to look good. Sure, of course! Reason for us to dare the view. The amazing thing about trends is that they can go in so many different directions, and still taste fabulous!

More often than ever, cooking courses, grilling, or testing seminars are offered. Always with the background: We want to taste the world, the more exotic, the more wonderful – today sushi, tomorrow Thai, the day after Peruvian cuisine. If you travel to Australia, you will experience the different culinary explosion extreme. We put together the 10 hottest food trends for you! Be aware that reading this post will make your mouth water – your inspiration for cooking will accompany you towards -kitchen- or to the nearest supermarket. Tell us which “food trend” you have decided on, or what you would spontaneously create. Maybe it’s a “niche in the market”?

1. Burger forever

The burger. How truly we love him! This Hamburg has proven itself over decades and is still one of the most popular fast food in the world today! In any case, a trend that is not entirely new, but has endured. In the meantime, every major German city has its burger shops, and food trucks are doing their part to ensure success. The stuffed bun has been rehabilitated and recognized ever since it got out of the fast-food sleazy corner. There are burgers with everything from pulled pork to tofu, single tier, tiered, with white buns or black buns. Maybe it’s because of the Germans’ deep connection to bread… Unfortunately, it’s always quite high in carbohydrates and high in calories, which is why only two asterisks for the burger hype.

The latest reports almost call for: “From fast food” to gourmet -Darling! Grab it. There are vegan, vegetarian selections, as well as wholemeal or spelled bread. For those who like it really exotic, there is even color for the eye for this lover, with a green or black bun. Once you’ve tried it, you won’t want to eat anything else. We guarantee you that! There are now quite a few burger chains! And you don’t even have to travel to New York for that. In Cologne, at the top of the list is: “The Fat Cow”; or “Hans im Glück”. While the hamburgers don’t go past “Dult’s Burger” without pulling the “burger brake” in front of the store. The New Yorker, you should ask for “Five Napkin Burger”.

2. Bowls: from Buddha to Rainbow

The bowls, my absolute favourite! First time in SydneyTried Australia. In the meantime, this colorful variety has established itself worldwide! But what is behind this taste explosion? We’ll tell you: smoothie, Buddha, power, mermaid or rainbow bowls – they all have in common that they come in bowls. Typical features: They are photographed from above, posted on Instagram and lovingly arranged. Wild mixtures are out, everything is placed properly. Inside is mostly vegan. Meat or fish rarely get lost in the healthy bowls.

This trend is completely justified. The bowls are incredibly flexible and look great! So does the sweet version. With smoothie bowls, a firmer smoothie forms the basis. Buddha bowls owe their name to the spiritual attitude with which they are prepared and eaten. Mermaid bowls get their sea-blue color from algae. Power bowls fill you up with quinoa & Co. And with rainbow bowls, colorful vegetables or fruits form a rainbow. Colorful delicious and healthy! A bowl of happiness. Maybe it’s time to invite your friends over for a bowl night. And we don’t mean the bowling alley!

3. The new green wave

Now the vegetarians and vegans will clap their hands with joy! You can too! It was high time that a new hierarchy was created on the plate: Schnitzel or steak used to be the center of appetite, and greens somehow rallied around it. As a necessary evil, so to speak. You knew that it was healthy. It wasn’t loved. But in recent years, vegetables have been catching up enormously in culinary terms. It doesn’t have to be vegan right away, but turnips and roots are presented in such an exciting and varied way that you often don’t even notice if meat is missing. The best proof of the breadth of the movement: Discounters such as Aldi and Lidl have greatly expanded and improved their range of fresh vegetables. How nice that we can now also buy artichokes or mini cucumbers there at affordable prices!

You won’t believe, but numerous restaurants have opened in the big cities that only offer “green”. The main thing is colorful on the plate. The “saturtgrün” restaurant, for example, has proven itself very well and is number 1 for vegetarians. If it continues like this, we will be 110 years old! But what is there on the dinner plate? We summarized: pickled red cabbage with caramelized apples + cinnamon; Green beans in coconut sauce with bananas, sweet potato chips + bamboo tips; Mango curry with fried tofu, red pepper, carrots, leek + coconut flakes, long grain rice with spring onions + corn, fried soy medallions in peanut sauce with zucchini, leek + yellow pepper. Well, did we make it? In any case, our mouths are watering!

4. Grill instead of steak

Please don’t rub it! Locusts, beetles, cockroaches or crickets: They are used as a new source of protein to combat hunger among the peopleshit hyped. Little fat, hardly any carbohydrates, lots of protein: sounds almost ideal. Compared to pigs and cattle, insects produce hardly any greenhouse gases. But what sounds so figure-friendly poses many hurdles. First: the disgust factor, as well as the acceptance. For us, eating insects is more of a test of courage à la jungle camp than serious food. Second: mass production is by no means problem-free. Because thousands of crawling animals also need perfect food with large agricultural area requirements. Better: eat more plants!

But which cricket is safe to eat? We found out: The cricket bred in Europe for human consumption is the Acheta domesticus, also known as crickets or house crickets. It is about 1.6 to 2 centimeters long and has a golden-brown to black color. The edible cricket originally comes from Africa. In Europe, they are mainly found near human settlements, as they need their warmth for wintering. If none of this puts you off, you can buy crickets either live, frozen, or freeze-dried. It’s better not to buy them from the pet store. The online shop also has a large selection! You can find freeze-dried crickets for cooking, cricket flour (ground crickets) and cricket-based snacks here. Simply put it in the “shopping cart” and start cooking at home soon. Don’t you fancy something new too? Surprise your friend or foe. We leave the choice to you.

5. Israeli cuisine

Who would have thought! Israeli cuisine definitely belongs on the list! If you’ve ever tried Israeli food, you’ll know why. But what’s so interesting about it? We “digged deep into the box” to uncover answers for you: Her roots are Arabic, but modern Israeli chefs are what make her so interesting these days. It doesn’t always have to be fiery, mild dishes are created especially for you and put together fantastically. As is well known, the eye “eats” with you. Have you heard of Levantine cuisine? The eastern Mediterranean coast and its hinterland are united at the table, which is politically divided. She was introduced to us by Tel Aviv-born Haya Molcho, founder of the successful Neni restaurants, where her four sons work.

But what exactly is there to eat here? What’s on the menu? So that you can have a say, and maybe score far more sympathy points than the neighboring table, and possibly be given a drink on the house, we looked twice at the in-dishes! When you order BALAGAN, that means: countless plates with delicacies, all mixed up on the table. SHAKSHUKA = vegetable ragout made from tomatoes, peppers, aubergines with feta, egg, etc. FREKEEH = wheat harvested early, roasted after harvest. ZA’ATAR = oriental spice mixture with thyme. Your waiter will be amazed!

6. King Avocado

Love avocados? Then you’ve come to the right place! A whole menu around the avocado? In Amsterdam’s “The Avocado Show” everything revolves around the green fruit. From the rose-shaped carved avocado appetizer to the avo daiquiri, the theme runs through the entire menu. For a clear conscience, only avocados from sustainable and fair cultivation are used in the restaurant. It’s delicious, but a little bit one-sided. If you browse the media, you will find this sentence: “Avocado – the super fruit for every day!” But why? What makes this “green ball” so interesting?

It used to be: No avocados! They make you fat and wobbly. But that is an absolute lie! The avocado is not only rich in healthy unsaturated fats, but also contains vitamins A, D, E and K, carotenoids, biotin, folic acid and calcium – fats that do not make you fat! trust us Even all essential amino acids are contained in the avocado. Here are the reasons why you should eat this superfruit every day and your pounds will tumble off. Especially because the avocado keeps your skin beautiful, is good for your eyes and helps you lose weight, it is one of the super food trends of the year! We say: “All avocados or what?”

7. Stevia – the formula for healthy connoisseurs

“If you don’t enjoy, you become inedible”, so they say in the candy factory. But if the fat pad monsters didn’t come overnight and “conjure up” the pants tighter. Don’t worry about the anxiety! With this cake (on the picture) you can hit it without a bad conscience! Do not you believe? We uncovered the secret! If you read this, a dream will come true! People thought of something grandiose! It’s called: DIY. 3 small letters that take away your guilty conscience. Sounds too good to be true? Then stay tuned:

The stevia plant, also known as honey herb, has a long tradition. For two centuries, the herb has been used by the indigenous people of Paraguay as a sweetener and as a remedy for stomach ache. Stevia has long had a huge sales market in Japan and the USA, and buyers in Thailand and Israel also swear by the sweet herb. Stevia is booming – Sweeter than sugar, no calories and not harmful to your teeth! I couldn’t believe it myself and had to try sweets like desserts or cake with the unhealthy sugar substitute! It works. You will hardly taste the difference! And when was the last time you ate a second piece of cake without a guilty conscience?

8. Porridge & Grød

Too bland for you? No, don’t be fooled! Porridge is much more than just porridge. But one thing first: Over time, breakfast has somehow blossomed into our favorite meal. Feasting continues until late in the afternoon. Add pancakes, French toast, egg dishesclassic breakfast items. Everything is allowed. It is comfortable and informal. The hero of the new morning meal culture is porridge – basically nothing more than a variant of good old oatmeal. But why? – The breakfast treat is filling, easily digestible and energizing, it used to be cheap food for workers.

Today it is a playground for hipsters. Cooked with water, milk, cream or plant-based milk, topped with nuts, berries, syrup or yoghurt, porridge and its Scandinavian relative Grød (= porridge) are simply delicious. The latest trend from Australia and the USA: porridge with vegetables. Porridge is particularly popular in the UK and is the most popular breakfast in England. Most people pair the powerhouse with cream or buttermilk. Sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on the food trend and you will start the day in a good mood! Look at the Queen Mum! How great you look! Is it because of Porrdige?

9. Japan-Food

The Japanese culinary delight continues to be part of the hottest food trend in the world. But why are the dishes so popular, and why are the Japanese so slim? And that permanently? We tell you! In Japan, a very conscious diet in particular ensures that obesity cannot develop in the first place. Nutrition and eating your fill, without a diet! Don’t be jealous of the Japanese, who are one step ahead of us Europeans. Just imitate the Japanese in the future! What is the Japanese magic formula?

In Japanese cuisine, small delicacies are often served that are prepared with great care. So you have to be a little patient before your food is served to you. But it’s worth it! The slightly smaller portions mean that they are often smaller than we are used to. As a result, less is eaten overall. Also, the Japanese don’t eat when they’re out. Full attention is paid to the food. Eating in front of the TV is also rather unusual. This more conscious approach also means that the pace of eating is slower – and the stomach has more time to signal that it is full. Fish and less fat complete the Japanese “health package”. Not that difficult, right?

10. Glonut: A new dessert trend for the evening

Of course we don’t want to withhold this donut from you! They glow in the dark as if by magic: The Glonuts. The new food trend turns the donuts into an experience – but how does this effect come about? We’ll tell you: We know the popular donuts in all colors and decorations. In addition, they remain in lasting memory because of their deliciousness! What has proven itself for a long time now brings a new trend! The little squiggles are now glowing too! Glonut is the name of the new food trend. And indeed, these special donuts glow in the dark – but only under black light.

We quickly suspect that unhealthy chemistry is behind this effect! But wrong! The glow comes from a natural ingredient. Not only can you make delicious donuts at home, but you can also easily create the glow effect in your kitchen. All you need is a regular glaze for your donut – and vitamin B tablets to mix in. The vitamin B tablets contain exactly the substance that later makes the donut glow under black light. The substance: thiamine. A hit at the next party! Try it!

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