The best dressings with Kikkoman

Did you know that our various Kikkoman sauces are ideal for varying your salad creations?
When it comes to dressing, you can try a lot according to your mood. Whether based on vinegar and oil or yoghurt, thin or thick, strong, with a little spiciness or with a fruity note: be creative!
We have put together a range of salad dressings and vinaigrettes for you below, where Kikkoman sauces provide umami. In addition to our soy sauces, our special sauces are also ideal for dressings.

If you like it even more uncomplicated, simply use our ready-made sesame dressing. Creamy and seasoned with ground sesame, it brings a wonderful Japanese touch to your salad!
Whether you refine your salad with strips of steak, chicken fillets or shrimp, combine it with berries and other fruits, add caramelized nuts or pine nuts as a topping or, or, or – the different Kikkoman sauces provide that certain extra.

In addition to green salads with exciting dressings, the popular pasta and potato salads should not be missing on any menu – neither at the BBQ in summer nor at normal meals. So that these always remain varied, we have put together an overview of even more salad creations for you on the right.

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