IBM Spectrum Protect and IBM Spectrum Protect innovations

It seems that data reuse is a hot topic. For us, it’s more than just talk. IBM already has solutions to help customers solve their current problems by leveraging secondary data in innovative ways. We are expanding our capabilities to improve data protection using IBM Spectrum Protect and offer other ways to reuse it.

The year 2017 marked a breakthrough in IBM Storage’s data reuse strategy. With a new data backup and protection solution for virtual environments: IBM Spectrum Protect Plus. With it, IBM Storage introduced the vision of data protection as the starting point for data management and reuse.

Keys are the global copy catalog, and anyone with authorization can access the backup solution‘s copies almost instantly, instead of recovery activities and more.

The following is a better understanding of the innovations brought about by these backup solution options and hybrid-cloud performance.

Feature integration for more results

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus offers integration with the business backup and recovery solution, IBM Spectrum Protect. In late 2017, IBM Spectrum Protect Plus was made available as part of the IBM Spectrum Protect capability license, making it easier not only to implement but also to purchase.

The latest versions of IBM Spectrum Protect and IBM Spectrum Protect Plus will hit the market with features to address new and emerging threats and regulations that use your backup data. There are also new ways to catalog with IBM Spectrum Protect Plus for backup, recovery, and data availability and reuse.

Steve Skully, the senior analyst at The Evaluator Group, believes this is an important perspective in data centers. “A trend in the data center is to get more data from backup than just recovery. Reusing data for new uses, such as DevOps and Analytics, allows IT organizations to gain more insights. IBM Spectrum Protect Plus indexes all VMs and file copies to meet the needs generated by this new trend.”

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Ransomware detection and alerting

Ransomware threatens all organizations. Proper security must be your first line of defense. But with IBM Spectrum Protect version 8.1.5, administrators can monitor secondary data and detect unusual changes that indicate an infection has occurred.

Once such elements are detected, administrators receive alerts about the possible malware so they can respond quickly and limit data loss.

After all, a research report showed that in 2016, 70% of organizations paid for the restoration of their data. With the appropriate alert, administrators can quickly respond to the event, recover from copies of data, and avoid paying the ransom.

GDPR preparation and auditing

With the emergence of new regulations on data ownership and the right of removal, also known as the “right to forget” requirements set forth in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), secondary data has also become important.

Proper preparation for compliance with the GDPR, which went into effect in May 2018, will require a combination of software resources, people, and processes. IBM has the tools and knowledge to help organizations develop their GDPR strategy. In Brazil, we have the General Law of Data Protection (LGPD).

The latest version of IBM Spectrum Protect is an important part of this preparation. With additional metadata logging and expanded documentation for GDPR auditing, administrators will be prepared to comply with regulations more easily thanks to this backup solution.

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When it comes to your catalog, the bigger the better

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus is a core element of our data reuse strategy, and the available 10.1.1 release provides ways to protect and access it. The keys to data reuse are the global catalog of secondary data and an easy, automated way to get to the secondary data.

Take, for example, the expansion of the database backup. Now that IBM Spectrum Protect Plus includes databases (SQL and Oracle), your administrators can use all the automation features available in IBM Spectrum Protect Plus to access copies of the databases.

Whether through the easy-to-use role-based portal or the REST APIs, administrators can access the database copies in place without creating new copies on the go. Alternatively, they can create clones of the databases and move them around for their testing, development, or reporting purposes.

With so much valuable information in the copied catalog, copy availability is becoming critical, even more so in the hybrid cloud. To ensure that IBM Spectrum Protect Plus copies are always available when and where administrators need them, the latest version of IBM Spectrum Protect Plus supports vsnap replication, allowing vsnap repositories to be replicated locally or elsewhere.

Administrators can rest easy knowing that their valuable data is protected and available, even in the event of a site outage. With this, it works as a good element of Disaster Recovery (HA/DR).

The innovations keep coming, especially when it comes to secondary data. With backup and protection solution options, such as IBM Spectrum Protect Plus (available for VMware on IBM Cloud) and IBM Spectrum Protect, better results are possible. Thus, providing organizations with an easy way to back up and recover their virtual machines on IBM Cloud.

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