The reason you should dump dish soap down your toilet from now on

Granny’s household tips are the best, as we all know. Old knowledge about washing, doing the dishes and keeping your home tidy is worth its weight in gold and is hotly traded. We’re always amazed why we haven’t figured it out ourselves or why we haven’t used this or that product in one way or another.

The next trick also belongs in the category: “I should have I knew that before!”. No more clogged toilets or the remedy is now located directly under the sink. Power from the small, transparent bottle is the order of the day: clear the stage for our new wonder weapon.

1. The problem of clogged toilets

Clogged toilets are something nobody really wants to think about. There is a problem, we know that. But we’re happiest when we don’t know it in our own house. Dealing with this problem is not only annoying but also pretty gross.

When your toilet is clogged, the water that is normally used to flush it backs up and may even overflow! That Of course nobody wants that. Apart from the disgust factor, it involves long cleaning and tidying up work and should therefore be avoided. Luckily we have the perfect tip for you.

2. A basic cleaning

Anything but pleasant, but the regular cleaning of the toilet is so necessary and important for hygiene. Even if the task is unpleasant and annoying, we cannot avoid it. At least not if we care about the cleanliness of our home.

As long as there are no problems other than cleaning, we’re mostly happy. Unfortunately, from time to time the pipes get clogged and that’s where we’re in trouble. Because instead of simply wiping through quickly, we have the salad and have to deal intensively with the problem. All the better if we know how to avoid the problem.

3. Dishwashing liquid, the miracle weapon par excellence

If you know how to avoid this annoying problem from the ground up, you can live more relaxed. Because preventing the pipes from becoming clogged means less effort and logically costs us less Annoy. We present a miracle cure par excellence, with which you will always succeed in avoiding it from now on.

Because using washing-up liquid when cleaning the toilet has some surprising advantages up its sleeve. You can read about them on the following pages. Instead of waiting a long time, click further and read about the miracle remedy dishwashing liquid. Because this one is really absolutely stunning in dealing with clogged pipes.

4. Avoid a clogged toilet

Find out now how to solve the problemto be able to deal with. When a toilet is clogged, most people use a suction cup to remove what is blocking the flow of water. If this proven method doesn’t work, people often resort to stronger things like drain cleaners.

This is a true chemical bomb and is supposed to blast the pipes free again. But the chemicals can be quite expensive, and not everyone stores them in case… at home. However, if you need quick help, you can use a household remedy that every household has in one way or another.

5. It’s all in the right dosage

We’re talking about washing-up liquid. The hand detergent we use to wash dishes. It sounds too good to be true. Still, it’s true and it really works! This method is as simple as it sounds: just pour a good amount of dish soap down the clogged toilet. Just put it on anything that’s clogging the toilet and don’t skimp on detergent.

It only takes a few seconds for the soap to slide down the entire tube. Now hot water is poured in to activate the foaming effect of the washing-up liquid. But be careful: Do not use boiling water, as this could damage the toilet and its pipes in the worst case. Wait 20 to 30 minutes for the detergent to take effect.

6. Next steps

Once the blockage has been removed, the excess water runs off together with the foam. Now the toilet can be flushed again. It is now not only clean, but also exudes a pleasant smell of washing-up liquid. Two in one, how practical. Why does it all work? The soap unclogsthe clog and ensures that anything clogging the pipe is decomposed.

This way the whole thing can be done more easily and we can flush the toilet again without fear. Absolutely practical if we always have some washing-up liquid at home. Who would have thought that it could be used so well as an all-purpose cleaner and that it would provide us with such reliable support when we were missing a plunger or pipe cleaner.

7. Preventive use of washing-up liquid

Dishwashing liquid can also be used as a preventive measure. Just pour a good amount of washing-up liquid into your toilet from time to time. This ensures that no residue builds up that could cause problems later. This is especially recommended if your toilet has been clogged before and you are concerned it might happen again.

Prevention is better recommended than aftercare. Deshbut listen to our advice. It’s easy to unclog the toilet with dish soap as you’ve read. Feel free to try it next time or treat your toilet preventively so it doesn’t happen in the first place.

8. Surprising tricks and tips

And once again it has been proven how inventive people are. And above all, that expensive cleaning agents and chemicals are not always needed. The simple basics, products that have been around for ages, usually serve their purpose better than all the expensive extra stuff and cleaning supplies.

Just try it out and see for yourself is the motto. We hope you enjoy keeping your home clean. It’s best to start today and test our tips so that you quickly feel good again.

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