These 11 celebrities have lost a lot of weight – you will hardly recognize them again

We just can’t help it, can we? For the most part, as a society – for better or worse – we are fascinated by celebrities and their looks. When a famous person loses a lot of weight, you can be sure that photos of them will appear in the tabloids and on the internet for the world to see and marvel at.

Read Keep reading to see some of the most notable celebrity weight loss transformations and find out why and how they decided to make the change and lead a healthy lifestyle. Have we left anyone out? Stay tuned to see who else will be on this list.

1. A Different Person

In 2019, singer Carrie Underwood spoke about how her body had changed after giving birth to her second child. Underwood explained in an Instagram photo post, “I promise to stop analyzing every nook and curve, every pound and every meal.

I will stay on the path because it is a journey and as long as I keep working towards my goals, one day I will reach them. For me, the training was kind of like stress relief. My husband said, ‘You’re a nicer person when you work out in the morning.’ And I thought, ‘I know. I feel better.” If that isn’t a positive side effect…

2. Huge Difference

In the 1980s and 1990s, Kirstie Alley was a leading lady on both the big and small screens. Once known for her beauty, her struggles with weight gain became tabloid fodder increasingly extreme and overshadowed her acting career.

During her back and forth battle, she lost with the help of Jenny Craig 75 pounds and starred in a show, Kirstie Alley’s Big Life (2010), which documented her quest to lose weight. Once weighing nearly 230 pounds, today Alley looks as healthy and fit as ever. We kudos on that staying power. Very good.

3. She works out too

Khloe Kardashian hits the gym three or four times a week for strength training, boxing circuits and medicine ball workouts. She also eats healthy but admits, that she likes to eat: “If I was more careful about what I eat I would probably lose weight even faster, but I don’t want to. Great, very good attitude.

I train really hard so I can enjoy my champagne and this part of life. I’d rather take longer to lose weight fast and I’m having fun doing it.” Also, we keep saying: Losing weight too quickly is also unhealthy for the body. Rather slow and effective.

4. The Change

The actress, best known for her roles on WB Popular and ABC Less Than Perfect, lost 50 pounds after having started running and committed to the Jenny Craig program. 50 pounds is quite a lot, isn’t it?

Like Jennifer Hudson with Weight Watchers, Rue became a spokeswoman for Jenny Craig after finding success with the company. “I feel so confident and comfortable, Rue said in a press release from Jenny Craig ahead of their wedding and honeymoon in 2011. “What woman wouldn’t not want to be in one Bathing suit feel good? It’s incredibly empowering.”

5. He’s Halved

Perhaps best known for his role as the lovable father in Roseanne, the comedian actor, John Goodman, has been throughout his career — and so far we’ve been we can remember – extremely overweight. You may have seen him there before. If so, do you know him any other way?

When he hit the scales at almost 370 pounds, he decided to make a change. Goodman quit smoking, started exercising relentlessly – he had a six-day-a-week routine – and reduced his sugar intake. The result? A dramatic 100 pound loss which has left him looking and feeling great.

6. Rethinking

Celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton decided to accommodate the people he treats, change his eating habits and hit the gym. (In the photo on the right, he’s taking a Zumba class.) He gradually increased his training load until he was there seven days a week.

In 2010, the columnist even integrated his new healthy lifestyle into his professional life, launching the website The site is “focused on fitness, health and wellness”. We are excited to see what can be achieved with it. In any case, we would like to say that Perez really made something of himself and we are happy that he made it.

7. Working on his own

Randy Jackson made his name as a bassist, but he found real fame in 2002 when he was one of the original three judges on American Idol at Fox’s. Have you seen the show by any chance? If so, Jackson will be familiar to you.

Jackson weighed over300 pounds when the show began, and he underwent one the following year Gastric Bypass Surgery. He lost 114 pounds after der surgery and made it through by watching his diet closely, staying active, playing the treadmill, and playing tennis. Good for him. We can clearly see the result of hard work here.

8. For your health

Do you know him? There’s the Superbad Jonah Hill and then there’s the 21 Jump Street Jonah Hill. Both are good in their roles. But you may have noticed that Hill’s rollers used to only move in one direction, and so did its weight. It hasn’t changed.

The comedic actor, who wanted to move into more serious roles, reportedly got into shape with the help of a nutritionist who gave him provided the guidance and discipline he sorely needed. His diet revolved around sushi and he worked with a trainer to complement his new commitment to health.

9. Feeling great

In a interview with Howard Stern in 2017, the girl star attributed her weight loss to not eating after Donald Trump was elected It may or may not have had an impacts – we won’t comment – ​​but the main reason is undoubtedly their commitment to fitness.

Dunham got in shape with fitness entrepreneur Tracy Anderson, who also helped Gwyneth Paltrow transform. Dunham claims that she wanted to get healthier and not lose weight. “She didn’t come to me to make her body look different,” Anderson told People magazine in 2017. “She came to me to feel better.

10. Something had to happen

In 2014, Pawn Stars star Austin “Chumlee” Russell weighed 320 pounds when he finally decided to continue his trip to the to start weight loss. He said, “It was time for me to get well.” After Chumlee dropped to 225 pounds, he took things a little less intense.

“In moderation” is my motto,” said the reality star. Chumlee then decided to further his weight loss by undergoing gastric band surgery. He lost another 60 pounds after the non-invasive surgery. Great, keep up the good work. Somehow weight loss makes him look older, but he looks healthier, doesn’t it?

11. Break the grind

The Grey’s Anatomy creator of Shonda Rhimes lost over 150 pounds in 2017. She said of her drastic weight loss, “I didn’t do it because I thought I’d look as beautiful as the women in the movies. I did it because I finally want to walk up a small flight of stairs , without a break Having to take a break and wiping the sweat off my brow.

“I did it because my body was physically rebelling against the brain that had been ignoring it for so long .” This insight is better late than never. And as you can see, this woman has made a real change in her body.

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