What else you can use vinegar for

Surely we all know vinegar. We use it for a salad dressing or other things in cooking. But surely some of you have seen or heard that vinegar can be used in other ways. For example, this can be quite a help around the house.

With a few tricks and tips you will learn here where you can still use vinegar and you will save a lot of time and above all nerves with housework. You will see vinegar can be a real miracle cure. We hope you enjoy reading and trying it out, you will be amazed.

1. The flycatcher

Even if you’re an absolute animal lover, fruit flies are always considered uninvited house guests. Luckily, you don’t have to put up with these pesky critters flying through your kitchen. That is, not if you have a little vinegar.

Take a small saucer or glass and pour some apple cider vinegar into it. Then add a few squirts of dish soap. Place the bowl where you have the most fruit fly problems. The flies will be attracted to the smell, but they will soon drown in the liquid, leaving your kitchen a fly-free zone. Isn’t that great?

2. For soft towels

After repeated use, towels become rough and go from fluffy looking to dingy. This isn’t exactly what you want to wrap yourself in after stepping out of a warm shower. Here’s how to get your towels fluffy again so you can snuggle up in them again.

When your towels need a refresher, grab your bottle of vinegar. The next time you wash towels, simply add half a cup of vinegar. It will liven up your towels, making them fluffy and inviting again. And don’t worry, your towels won’t smell of vinegar. You absolutely have to try it.

3. For a super clean

While buying dishwasher tablets is certainly easy, vinegar can offer an even simpler solution. Instead of filling your dishwasher with detergent tabs, try using vinegar. This is powerful and removing dirt and grease from dishes is no problem.

However, cleaning dirty dishes is not vinegar’s only strength. It also keeps your dishwasher clean. To do this, add a cup of vinegar every few months and run a program. Limescale, water that is too hard or soap residue that has accumulated is thus eliminated.

4. For a clear view

If you drive your car a lot, it gets dirty quickly, a normal glass cleaner will hardly help to remove all the dirt afterwards. Next time, when you clean your car, you should clean the windows with a little bit of vinegar.

To do this, spray some vinegar on the surface of the windows, clean with a rag and then rinse with clean water, as usual, away. The acidity of the vinegar will remove all the accumulated dirt and leave the window panes clear and above all clean. Definitely try it, it’s worth it and saves a lot of nerves.

5. No more garbage smell

After using your garbage can a lot, after a while it will start to smell quite disgusting. No one wants to stick their hands down the garbage disposal drain and then scoop out the leftover food. It’s a disgusting idea, isn’t it?

Next time it’s due for a cleaning, take it Get an ice cube tray and put a slice of lemon, some vinegar and some water in it. Then place everything in the freezer until ice cubes have formed. When you need to clean the trash grinder, just throw in one or two of the cubes and do the cleaning.

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